Best 16s Round

5 December 2018 at 20:13
By the goals of three Fradi strikers, our team went through to the best 16s round in Hungarian Cup.
Best 16s Round

Wednesday afternoon Fradi took up on to the pitch against Sényő in the Hungarian Cup series. Severel players who play less in the league were in Rebrov’s team today.

In the 51st minute we received a penalty that our cup specialist Finnbogason converted to a goal. Only ten minutes later he scored again, for the six time in the cup this year. In the remaining 25 minutes our team made the difference even bigger and claimed a confident 4-0 win.

Hungarian Cup, Round 8
Sényő-FTC 0-4

Sényő: Gagyi – Bodó, Klepács, Lakatos L. (Ruska, 75.), Phrakonkham, Hadházi, Fabu, Marics, Kristófi (Ács, 78.), Barcsay (Takács Á., 82.), Márton
FTC: Holczer – Csernik, Otigba (Blazic, 65.), Takács, Heister (Georgijevic, 70.) – Csonka, Rodriguez – Bőle, Rui Pedro, Petrjak – Finnbogason (Lovrencsics B., 65.)
Goal: Finnbogason (51., 64.), Georgijevic (75.), Lovrencsics B. (91.)
Red card: Marics (50.)