Böde decided

2 February 2019 at 21:32
In the first round in the spring season FTC defeated Budapest Honvéd 1-0 at the Groupama Arena.
Böde decided

After the winter break FTC ran onto pitch today again at the Groupama Arena. The first opponents were the players of Budapest Honvéd who prepared with strong defense and superc goalkeeper performance. Although the away team created danger first, our team controlled the match throughout the 90 minutes. The green-white players grew the dominance continously and had several opportunities to score, including a time when Lanzafame’s shot hit the bar. Then, the substitute Böde arrived and decided the fate of the three points when he dribbled into the penalty area and scored confidently in the 83rd minute. The match ended 1-0, and because of MOL Vidi’s defeat, our team increased its advantage on the table.

NB I, Round 19
FTC-Budapest Honvéd 1-0 (0-0)

FTC: Dibusz - Lovrencsics, Blazic, Dvali, Heister - Sigér, Haratin - Varga (Böde, 77.), Gorriaran (Bőle,79.), Petrjak - Lanzafame (Sihnevich, 68.)
Budapest Honvéd: Gróf - Mezghrani, Batik, Lovric, Kálnoki Kis (Kukoc, 86.) - Heffler, Szendrei (Banó-Szabó, 65.), Gazdag, Holender - Ngog (Tischler, 69.), Danilo
Yellow: Mezghrani (35.), Lovrencsics (43.), Holender (43.), Batik (54., 95.), Heffler (57.), Lanzafame (58.), Danilo (68.), Gazdag (90.)
Red: Batik (95.)
G.: Böde (83.)