Groupama Arena

2 July 2014 at 15:57
As of today, FTC’s new stadium is called Groupama Arena.
Groupama Arena

Today afternoon the representatives of Groupama and Lagardére Unlimited Stadium Solutions Kft. announced the signing of the new arena’s name sponsor. As of today, FTC’s new stadium is called Groupama Arena. The parties signed the agreement for seven years. Beside being the name sponsor, Groupama helps our club development as an exclusive partner.

Groupama has been aside FTC since 2011 as a diamond-ranked sponsor and now, the company is willing to extend the cooperation by giving their name for the stadium.

Yann Ménétrier (CEO, Groupama): - It is very common in Europe to name a stadium after the main sponsor of the club. Never have we seen in Hungary something similar and for this reason it is of great pleasure to be the first one. We believe that the year-long experience of Groupama in the fields of sport and football proves our ability to entertain families and sport-lovers. Obviously, our sponsor agreement continues in the followings and we hope that with this support the team is going to reach always higher achievements.

Gábor Kubatov (President, FTC): - Ferencváros is Hungary’s most successful and popular team that we built up again in recent years with persistent work. We hope that with our new arena, we not only have Europe’s most modern stadium but also a trustworthy and convenient entertainment facility for families and fans. The visitors can feel maximally safe at Groupama Arena.

Tamás Szekeres (Managing Director, Luss Kft.): - I would like to express my thankfulness to Groupama and Ferencvárosi Torna Club for supporting the setting of this long-term contract that guarantees the successful operation of the arena. The sufficient conditions are given that can be seen 10th August at the opening game of FTC-Chelsea.