On all fields

2 May 2016 at 21:48
FTC is the winner of all major categories of the annual MLSZ Rangadó Awards.
On all fields

The Hungarian Football Federation gave out awards for the bests of the first division this year again. The annual gala was held Monday afternoon at MLSZ Telki Training Center. Ferencváros won in all major categories: best coach, female and male talent of the year, best female and male player, top scorer, and most beautiful goal.

Best Coach of OTP Bank League:

Thomas Doll

Talent of the year – women’s

Petra Kocsán

Talent of the year – men’s
Ádám Nagy

Best player – women’s

Jelena Cankovic

Best player – men’s
Zoltán Gera

Top scorer
Dániel Böde

Most beautiful goal

Dániel Böde

Thomas Doll: - First of all it was a very long year and without your staff you wouldn’t reach anything. In the end it is the coach who makes the decision but it is a team effort. From the president on everyone worked for the team’s success. This is a very big recognition for me as I am not in my country.

Petra Kocsán:
- This is a great award and I hope many will experience this feeling. For a 17 years old player it can give a great push towards reaching even higher goals.

Zoltán Gera: - I’m not a very young player anymore but it is great to see that I can still play well.

Ádám Nagy
: - I’m very happy for this award but the icing on the cake was winning the championship. I was asked when I want to be in the same position as Gera now. I will do my best to win the best player award even at 37 because that would show that I will have had such a great career as Zoli.