Paks- FTC 0-3

1 December 2018 at 21:52
FTC confidently defeated Paks 3-0 away.
Paks- FTC 0-3

NB I is coming to its winter break, but there are still a few rounds left. Today FTC travelled to Paks to encounter the home team in its new stadium. Paks was the last first-league team for head coach Rebrov to meet. Our team started confidently and noted the first goal in the 16th minute. Varga crossed from the corner flag and Böde placed it to the net without hesitating. Ten minutes later the difference was doubled by Blazic: his header decided the match. Varga was the soul of the team today and not only did he give an assist, but also scored himself: in the 67th minute he stood behind the ball for a free kick and curved it to the lower right corner. The result remained 3-0 till the end, Fradi goes forward of finishing 2018 in the first place. Two more rounds left.

NB I, Round 16
Paks-FTC 0-3 (0-2)

Paks: Rácz - Vági, Gévay, Fejes, Egerszegi - Papp (Kecskés, 56.), Bertus, Haraszti, Báló - Hahn (Horváth, 85.), Bartha (Simon A., 85.)
FTC: Dibusz – Lovrencsics, Blazic, Frimpong, Heister – Varga, Leandro (Csonka, 80.), Sigér, Gorriaran (Bőle, 75.) – Böde (Finnbogason, 85.), Lanzafame
Yellow: Papp (51.), Gévay (66.), Vági (66.), Gorriaran (69.), Haraszti (75.)
G.: Böde (16.), Blazic (27.), Varga (67.)