Ramadan at Fradi

21 January 2019 at 18:17
A previous Juventus youth player joins our club!
Ramadan at Fradi

Our football team signed the 18-year-old Ammar Ramadan. The Syrian midfielder played in the last season mostly behind the forwards, where he had 18 appearances and 4 goals at the U17 team. In the youth league he also played in the playoff with 3 matches and 1 goal on his record.

Ammar Ramadan was born January 5, 2001 in Idlib (Syria). His family arrived to Italy in October 2015.

His father, Munar Ramadan used to play in the Syrian first league, and following his inflience Ammar started playing too. He had his debut in the junior league at Cimiano with 13 matches and five goals. This performance raised the interest of bigger teams, too.

The young and talented player signed for Juventus finally, where he played regularly in the U17 team. Ramadan has already had his debut in the Syrian U19 national team, and celebrated his first match with a goal.

Ammar Ramadan enjoys playing mostly in the attacking midfielder position as he did it at Juventus, too.

Name card
Ammar Ramadan
Place and Date of Birth: January 5, 2001, Idlib (Syiria)
Former clubs: Juventus U17 (2017-18)