Kjartan Finnbogason

2018. szeptember 16., vasárnap 10:03 | 5 hónapja 40 perce

Kjartan Finnbogason Jersey no: 7

Position: striker

Nationality: Icelandic

Finnbogason started playing at KR Reykjavik, then signed to Celtic in 2005. The Scottish team loaned him out twice and upon his return he scored 20 goals in 28 matches in the green-white team´s reserves.

He did not receive the chance at the first team, so he signed to Norway in 2008, to Sanderfjord. Then he returned to Scottland, to Falkirk but could not keep his place in the starting eleven.

In 2010 he returned to his youth team in Reykjavik and won the championship already in the first season which they doubled in the next season. Finnbogason left after four years, 82 matches and 37 goals. He had his debut at the national side in 2011.

During the summer of 2014 he moved to Denmark and started playing for AC Horsens. In the first season he scored 11 times and in the second 17. In the third season he became also team captain.

His first goal in the national side was recorded against China in 2017 and he has 11 appearances at the national side so far.

Kjartan Finnbogason has become the first player from Iceland in NB I.