Fair Play Award

3 December 2018 at 18:21
Triathlonist Fanni Mándli and Botond Szirmák won the Fradi Fair Play Award this year.
Fair Play Award

Setting the tradition in 2017, FTC announced the Fradi Fair Play awards for the second time last week. The audience of the Fradi Fair Play Award Gala at the Elek Gyula Arena celebrated the announcement of the two winners chosen by the Fradi Fair Play Committee.

The Committee was established last year and consists nine members: two co-chairmans, the Olympic silver medalist Andrea dr. Gyarmati and the two-time World- and European champion Péter Bácsi, besides, the club’s president, now Gábor Kubatov, and COO, now Zoltán Nyíri. Furthermore, members of the committee include Katalin Méry, Customer Support director at Hungarian Telekom, Gábor Deregián, Secretary General of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Gábor Pap, Presidents of FTC Sports, and the international project manager of FTC, Bálint Máté.

The winners
The Ture Green-White Hero category is always handed to an athlete at Ferencváros, who shows human greatness and some form of heroic act.

This year, the winner of this category became Fanni Mándli, who completed the team national aquathlon competition with a serious injury she suffered already in the beginning of the race. Fanni did not give up and completed both the swimmin and running parts of the competition for her mates. With this heroic act, the team finished third.

The Fradi Heart category is always handed to some private or public person or organization that supports social responsibility projects of FTC. The committee decided to give the award to Botond Szirmák, CEO of Provident Ltd.

With the help of Botond Szirmák, the Provident Park community area at Népliget Sports Center and the disabled parking area at the Groupama Arena were completed. Showing his dedication to the club, he requested all his family members to accompany him to a Fradi match on his birthday.

Congratulation to both winners!