We are one

25 November 2018 at 10:41
Ferencvárosi Torna Club has been actively campaigning against discrimination since 2012. Our initiatives have been recognized and yesterday we continued with another action.
We are one

Being the first among the Hungarian sports clubs, FTC started its anti-discrimination campaign in 2012: the club has launched many actions and shared videos to raise supporters’ attention to this issue. In our latest activities, children at the family sector held banners and choreography to support the cause.

The banners highlighted the importance of fair play, passion, respect, humbleness and team play. In the visual choreography – containing the club’s emblem -, the athletes of Ferencvaros shaped a heart with their hand prints: we are one at Fradi!

The multiple award-winner football team was represented in the activity by Otigba Kenneth, Fernando Gorriaran, Marcel Heister and Takács Zsombor together with former players Lisztes Krisztian and Keller Jozsef.

From the 2015-champion and 2017 Hungarian Cup-winner women’s handball team, Faluvégi Dorottya, Márton Gréta and Szemerey Zsófi joined the cause.

Many others participated in the preparations as well: women’s footballers Samu Anna and Fenyvesi Evelin, ice hockey player Nagy Gergő, Hardi Richárd, Arany Gergely, Lampert Fanni, Szederkényi Lilla, Hidasi Szabina, Hidasi Dorina and Tóth Eszter.

The wrestlers were represented by World and European Champion Bácsi Péter, Váncza István, Szabados Noémi and Széles József. Athletes from other divisions joined as well: Keresztes Kristóf and Fekete Dorina from the kayak-canoe division, Zsoldosi Karolina from fencing, Galambos Tibor athlete, and junior World Champion swimmer Mihályvári-Farkas Viktória.

Several disabled Fradi athletes participated as well: Sas Sándor power lifter, Lévay Petra triathlonist, and Ocelka Róbert cyclist.

It is of symbolic value that the youth athletes joined the campaign too: it is crucial that the next generations also understand the message: we are one at Fradi.

The past
We prepared our first anti-discrimination clip in 2012. The campaign received the Hungarian Olympic Committee’s Fair Play-award: President Gábor Kubatov and the Brazilian player Somalia received it on the ceremony.

Discriminative behavior did not disappear however from one day to another and Ferencvaros held important to keep the attention from time to time.
In our second clip the football players talked about discrimination and why it is unacceptable on the stands. Later, FTC Football Ltd’s CEO, Orosz Pál held a presentation at the Puskás Ferenc Stadium.

In 2014 the football team’s trainer, players and two Fradi-icons, Lipcsei Péter and Dragóner Attila spoke to the supporters. The emphasized that everyone at Fradi are one and that „it is only Fradi that matter”.

In our next clip our players also emphasized how important it is to help those in need.

In our 2015 video the players cleaned the environment symbolicly with a ball from discriminative symbols. Somalia and Gera emphasized that ’it is only our heart that is green and white”.

In the 2017 clip a record number of Fradi-icon participated. The video was built on Lofti begi’s “We are Ferencváros” song. The players and trainers talked about being one at Fradi and that it is never a question in the changing room who came from where.