CL: Great victory

29 January 2017 at 9:53
Closing up from a four-goal difference FTC collected two points against Metz in the Main Round of Women’s Champaions League.
CL: Great victory

As a realistic goal FTC could fight for reaching the third position in the Main Round of the EHF Champions League. The first match therefore was already a “final” against the fourth Metz. The home team started strong and at some points of the match went by four goals even. Yet, at half time the scoreboard showed only a one-goal difference which our team turned in the second half with great individual and team performances to their side. FTC defeated Metz by three goals, 28-25.


Glauser – Luciano 5, Gros 9 (4) , Zaadi 2, Pop-Lazic , Smits 4, Maubon 3
Substitutions: Rajcic (goalkeeper), Edwig, Horacek 2, Aoustin R., Burlet, Nocandy
Head coach: Emmanuel Mayonnade

FTC-RAIL CARGO HUNGARIA: Szikora – Lukács 1, Szucsánszki 4, Snelder 1, Szekeres, Kovacsics 2, Schatzl 3
Substitutions: Bíró B. (goalkeeper), PENA 7 (1), Jovanovic 2 (1), Mészáros R., Faluvégi 3, Hornyák D. 5, Szarka 1.
Head coach: Elek Gábor

Les Arena Metz, 4163 spectators
Referees: Tatjana Prastalo és Vesna Todorovic
Suspensions: 8, resp. 8 mins
Seven-meter throws: 6/4, resp. 3/2