Fantastic Win!

21 October 2018 at 19:34
With great dedication and heart FTC defeated Bietigheim in the Women's Champions League.
Fantastic Win!

The Women’s Handball Champions League series continued in Round 3 with SG BBM Bietigheim - FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria. By Nerea Pena’s lead Fradi took a great start and went up to 5-2. Then, the three-goal advantage was quickly turned to a 3-goal disadvantage: with lacking defence, we received 6 goals in a row. Then, the debuting Szemerey Zsófi showed great saves, lifted the team’s spirit and we came back to the game: the teams went to their half time rest at 14-13.

The second half began similarly to the first: with firm Fradi defence and well-built attacks. Soon the ladies turned the result and gradually built a 5-goal advantage (17-22). The supporters on the stands – many Hungarians living in Germany – put the team on fire with their enthusiastic chants. They showed how proud they are to be Hungarians and supporters of Ferencváros.

The last ten minutes began with four goals in lead, and Bietigheim had a hard time closing up. By the final signal, the scoreboard showed 25-28, a three-goal Fradi win. Fradi claimed a fantastic victory at the home of the German silver medalist.

Champions League, Group stade, Round 3
SG BBM Bietigheim - FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria 25-28 (14-13)

Venue: MHP Arena, Ludwigsburg
Date: 2018. October 21., vasárnap, 17.00
Referees: Alexei Covalciuc és Igor Covalciuc