Incredible win

14 October 2018 at 17:15
In a thrilling game FTC defeated Vipers with Kovacsics’ last-second goal.
Incredible win

FTC women’s handball team today played the first home Champions League encounter this season. For the first time FTC plays its home matches in the CL in Érd. Hours before the game, the town was already filled with supporters dressed in green and white, so the new location did not mean any further disadvantage. The match started evenly balanced and with great concentration the ladies soon raised the difference to 17-10. However the Norwegians came back to match with three goals in row and after half time they even turned the result. Before the end-play ours closed up and equalized again. Then, in the last second Anikó Kovacsics scored and won the match for Fradi, just when the final signal was launched.

In an unforgettable match FTC won the first CL game in season 2018/19.

Champions League, Group stage, Round 2
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria - Vipers Kristiansand 27-26 (17-14)
Venue: Érd Aréna
Date: 2018. October 14., Sunday, 14:30 óra
Referees: Charlotte Bonaventura és Julie Bonaventura (French)