26 May 2018 at 18:48
In a fantastic battle FTC defeated Szolnok 8-7 in the fifth match of the waterpolo finals and won the league!

Final, Match 5
Császár-Komjádi Sportuszoda
FTC-PQS Waterpolo–Szolnoki Dózsa 8–7 (3–4, 3–2, 1–0, 1–1)
Goals: Varga Dániel (3), Madaras (2) Mitrovic, Vámos, Jaksic
The result of the final (goes until 3 wins): 3-2 to FTC-PQS Waterpolo.

This year FTC Waterpolo qualified for the final again. The final goes until 3 wins and the team played against Szolnok. The first two games Fradi won but then Szolnok closed up. For the final of the final there was a huge interest among fans who bought up all the tickets in advance, already on Thursday. The teams went head by head and Szolnok won the first quarter by one goal. In the next period Fradi came up and equalized by half time: 6-6. In the second half the teams scored only 3 goals, but two of those by Fradi players. In a dramatic end-play, in front of standing and chanting supporters, Fradi kept control of the ball and protected the lead.

After 2000 again FTC Men’s Waterpolo won the league! CONGRATULATIONS!!!