First match won

13 May 2018 at 20:04
FTC-PQS Waterpolo won the first leg of the league final against Szolnoki Dózsa.
First match won

After several years the men’s waterpolo team qualified for the league final. The Császár-Komjádi Sports Pool was filled with 1500 supporters with several even standing on the stairs. Although Szolnok took the lead and won the first quarter, by the end of the second quarter Fradi equalized. In the second half Fradi showed an even better play then in the beginning and scored four times in the third period. The boys even extended the lead in the fourth quarter and regardless of the last Szolnok-goal won the match 12-9 in a fantastic battle.

The final goes for three wins. The next round is organized in Szolnok on Wednesday.

Men’s Waterpolo OB I
Final, 1. leg, 2018.05.13., Sunday
Császár-Komjádi Sports Pool

FTC-PQS Waterpolo – Szolnoki Dózsa 12-9 (2-3, 3-2, 4-2, 3-2)
Goals: Varga Dénes 4, Mitrovic 3, Nikic 2, Madaras, Jansik, Vámos