Group Winners

16 October 2016 at 18:28
FTC-PQS Waterpolo won 13-12 over POSK Split in a twisted match and finished first in the group stage of Euro Cup.
Group Winners

After Friday’s confident victory over Bayer Uerdingen, FTC played against OVK POSK Split Sunday afternoon in the first group stage of the Euro Cup. Fradi scored the first goal by Madaras and then our team showed firm defense. Although the first quarter ended with 3-1 Fradi lead, the green-white team lost the second 4-2, giving a 5-5 draw in the big break. In the third period Fradi took the lead again and created a high enough difference to win the match even though the team lost in the last period.

By today’s victory FTC won its group and went through to the second qualifying stage.

Euro Cup
1. qualification stage, Split

OVK POSK Split – FTC-PQS Waterplolo: 12-13 (1-3,4-2,2-4,5-4)
Goals:: Madaras 4, Mitrovic 3 Tóth M., Nyéki, Katonás,Cuk, Szirányi, Jansik