High-scale victory

9 October 2016 at 11:31
FTC-PQS Waterpolo played confidently and won 18-4 over Tatabánya in the third round of the first division.
High-scale victory

In Round 3 of OB I FTC-PQS Waterpolo hosted Tatabánya in Népliget. Fradi scored first, Stefan Mitrovic began with the goal production. In the first quarter the home team scored six times while Tatabánya only once. This lead made our team confident that continued playing brilliantly in the following rounds as well: after the second quarter the result was 9-1 and one period before the final signal our team went with 9 goals. Similarly to the first quarter, FTC won the last one 6-1, and created the high-scale 18-4 final result, of which six goals were scored by Stefan Mitrovic.

Round 3
FTC-PQS Waterpolo – TVSE 18-4 (6-1,3-0,3-2,6-1)
Mitrovic 6, Madaras 2, Nyéki 2, Avramovic 2, Katonás 2, Jansik, Szirányi, Dőry, Tóth