Szabolcs Fodor: New Headcoach

18 April 2018 at 19:23
FTC Ice Hockey announced officially that as of the new season Szabolcs Fodor becomes head coach of the first team.
Szabolcs Fodor: New Headcoach

Former head coach Greg Lindqvist announced that he was leaving Fradi by the end of the season. The division can now announce that Szabolcs Fodor becomes the new head coach.

Szabolcs Fodor started playing at Fradi, the signed to the US at 17. He later returned to Fradi to play four seasons in the team. Then he continued his career in Székesfehérvár, after which he signed for Vasas. Later he played even in Miskolc, where he became team captain during his first season already.

He has been a 53-time Hungarian national team player with 186 Hungarian league, 122 MOL League, 108 Interliga and 92 EBEL matches. After his retirement he became coach at the U20 team of MAC. He leaves that team now for Fradi’s invitation.