April 10. 2018.
Albert Foundation
Get to know the Albert Florian Foundation.

The Albert Flórián Foundation was established in 2010. The first president was Albert Flórián himself until his death in 2011. 


Albert Flórián was an outstanding player of Fradi and the Hungarian National Team. In 1967 he won the most important personal trophy, the Ballon d’Or. He’s the only Hungarian to ever achieve that. With FTC, he played a total of 537 games and scored 383 times. His nickname is Császár (emperor) rightfully.


The Albert Foundation organizes several events. Every year, they organize the Fradi Family Day, where children can try out sports, have fun with the players of FTC and get to know the spirit of Ferencváros. 

They also give out the Albert Lifetime Achievement Award to those coaches who have been successfully educating and training the young athletes for years. 

They pay much attention to the younger generation just like Flórián did. They support the most talented and successful junior Fradi athletes.

They organize the Fradi school program to bring sports closer to the students. They go to different schools and give presentations with the help of FTC sportsmen about why sports are important.


Their primary task is to keep Albert Florián’s memory and spirit. They have an exhibition about his life, career, and achievements which has been viewed by thousands already. Books have been also written about him. 







Address: 48. Vajda Péter street,1101, Budapest

Telephone: +36 1 910 0235

Email: albertalapitvany@fradi.hu

Account Number: 11709002-20130972 (OTP)

Facebook: Albert Flórián Foundation

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