February 28. 2022.
Walking Football
About the Walking Football Programme.

Ferencvárosi TC was the first club in Hungary to introduce Walking Football, an unusual version of football, which has been very popular in Western Europe for decades. Launched in 2020, the program aims to make female and male supporters over the age of 65 physically active again, change their lifestyles and forge a cohesive community of participants. Walking Football is a great opportunity to make the most popular sport available again to those who, due to their age or physical condition, are no longer able to play football in the traditional way.

Fans and sympathizers participating in the program can use Fradi’s facilities during the sessions, and their development will be taken care of by the sports professionals of their beloved club.

From 2022, the Walking Football Program will now be available to male and female fans over the age of 50. Those who want to incorporate regular exercise into their lifestyles, as well as face-to-face encounters with Fradi fans of the same age and a regular community life, are welcome to apply to the Program. From 2022, we will provide our participants with not only regular sports and community building opportunities, but also match opportunities. Participants in the program also play matches in the Walking Football League according to a set schedule, and from time to time they can also take part in international walking football tournaments, about which we provide regular information in the NEWS submenu.

Participation in the program is free, but registration is required. Those who are interested can contact the setafoci@fradi.hu e-mail address, as well as on the official media surfaces of the Ferencváros Torna Club and on the online application form created periodically on the www.ulloi129.hu fan page.

Participants in the program take part in a Health Assessment before each start. Participation in the Medical Assesment  is a prerequisite for admission to the program.


The Medical Assesment includes the following tests:

- Internal medical examination
- Complete laboratory test
- Measurement of blood pressure


Depending on the outcome of the Health Assessment, in order to protect health and life, some applicants may not be eligible to participate in the Program, depending on the outcome of the examination. Therefore, applicants in excess of the number specified in the Program will be invited to take the Examinations.


Partners of the project launched in 2020 were:


Partners of the project launched in 2022:


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