April 11. 2022.
First walking football game against Hungarian opponent
A team from Debrecen joined FTC's domestic walking football tournament on Saturday.

Two more sessions have been held, but the Tuesday-Thursday schedule was significantly different from last week, with only Tuesday's practice session taking place as scheduled. On Wednesday, several of our team members gathered in the Tüskecsarnok to support our ice hockey team in the final of the Erste Liga, while on Friday they cheered on the men's handball match against Tatabánya in the Elek Gyula Arena, a battle for the 4th place in the league and for a place in European competition. Unfortunately, with very little success.

The usual Thursday walking football match day was held on Saturday for two reasons. On the one hand, after the tournament, the group was able to watch the Fradi-Debrecen match together, and on the other hand, not only Groupama Arena was the venue for a match against Debrecen, but also Népliget: Józsa Kickers, representing a suburban district, were invited to participate as the walking football section of Józsai SZTSE.

The team of Józsa Kickers was founded by Paul Milne—an experienced Scottish footballer who visited us last week and has officially joined the program of Ferencváros in the meantime—at the beginning of 2022, and he asked FTC for help, thus establishing a partnership before the official formation. Debrecen came with a team of nine players, aged between 45 and 55, to take part in the first ever inter-club walking football match in Hungary.

Although the FTC's Walking Football Program is aimed at the over-50s, the main focus was on the exchange of experience, so the age differences were not relevant this time.

FTC's 22 players were fielded in three teams: the Varga team was made up of our veterans who had been to Sofia and were now over 66, while the Albert and Fenyvesi teams were selected by the coaches, trying to evenly distribute the strengths between the two teams, both in terms of ability and age—between 50 and 76—so that everyone would have an equal chance to enjoy the game. After all, that's what this game is all about, fun and community.

About a community that, to our great sorrow, has once again lost an outstanding person and an important member of our team. Our walking football players' leading figure and elected team captain, László Szabó who, after serious ordeals, went to be with the Lord on 3 April...

A joint commemoration of László Szabó, led by the oldest member, Gergely Balla.

Unfortunately, evenly distributed forces did not prove to be a winning tactic. The Józsa Kickers gave the impression of a more cohesive team, with better positioning, accurate passing and greater ball security from their youngsters. They finished the tournament without conceding a goal, while the teams bearing the names of Fradi legends fought fierce battles with each other.

Saturday's tournament was also a great experience, as many players felt the stakes for the first time with the Fradi crest over their hearts, which affected them in different ways—some, wanting to be too compliant with the rules, unnecessarily slowed down, others did the opposite and had to be restrained by dozens of whistles. However, there was no lack of enthusiasm, with the positive change brought out by the Fradi Heart and the competitive situation: the ball was finally not bouncing away when being taken over, the passing was more accurate and they were more focused on positioning, which allowed them to make the game more combinative.

After the announcement of the results, the teams gathered at the Fradi Liget Restaurant to set the mood for the evening match with the people of Debrecen, who also came to the Groupama Arena with our teams. While the thought of a rematch must have been immediately on the minds of the Fradi players, they are fans first and foremost, and with the 3-0 Fradi win against Debrecen was quick satisfaction in their hearts. And although there were some in the other team who were seriously saddened by the result of the evening's match, when the teams retired for the day, everyone ended up having a day full of good memories.

Our coaches are probably no exception, as they must already know how we will fight back next time and what we need to work on until June to be successful in the European Walking Football League in Breda.


1. Józsa Kickers 9 points

2. Team Albert 4 points

3. Team Varga 2 points

4. Team Fenyvesi 1 point


Team Varga–Team Fenyvesi 1:1

Józsa Kickers–Team Albert 3:0

Team Albert–Team Fenyvesi 2:1

Józsa Kickers–Team Varga 1:0

Józsa Kickers–Team Fenyvesi 4:0

Team Albert–Team Varga 2:2


Fradi victory at the edge of the Puskás Aréna

Our walking footballers have won Hungary's first public inter-club walking football tournament.


European Walking Football League with 16 team took place in Breda with the participation of prestigious clubs.

Preparing for the European Walking Football League

As well as enjoying the game, last week's walking football sessions were also about football awareness.


Two former players were welcomed back by the walking football team.

Top scorer women in the walking football team

It has been a week with individual female successes for our walking footballers.

A busy week for our walking footballers

As well as playing sport, they were also active this week in terms of cheering.

Walking Football: Waiting for squad announcement

The Walking Football Programme continues with constantly developing team cohesion.

Scottish guest player at our walking football team

The walking footballers completed two more sessions, preparing for the first Hungarian inter-club competition.

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