May 9. 2022.
Two former players were welcomed back by the walking football team.

Walking football is one of the easiest forms of fun, and people of different ages and physical conditions can play well in a team. However, age is hard to ignore, and the further one looks away from their carefree twenties, unfortunately the more likely it is that even just getting back on one's feet would become a challenge, and the struggle to live a normal everyday life or to just be alive will take precedence over the vital game called football. Unfortunately, when it comes to walking football, this is part of the 'game'. And in many cases, we are not only forced to do without those whose bodies do not allow them to play, or who are already cheering on Fradi from the terraces of the sky. Fortunately, this time we didn't say goodbye, we said welcome back.

On Tuesday, the good evening weather finally returned to Népliget, the park where the FTC Sports Centre is, and the team could finally gather in T-shirts and shorts. And together with the good weather also came an old team member, István Szemler, who joined the team in the autumn of 2021, and who, as an active orienteer, enjoys excellent health, but with the passing of his friend Lászó Szabó, he also missed the sessions of our extended walking football programme during the spring. Fortunately, at the invitation of Gergely Balla, the team's senior officer, he found his way back to this little Fradi community, where he was welcomed by all. Only the team's senior officer was a little annoyed with a big smile on his face when it turned out that István is the older one. But never mind, hopefully this "problem" between them will not be resolved any time soon!

On Thursday, we welcomed back another team member who returned after a serious illness. László Budai kicked the ball again after almost a year, after a very serious battle with laryngeal cancer, but with the help of God, who thought he might be needed down here, he recovered. At first sight, the strong, hoarse-voiced, full-faced half-giant was easily mistaken for a newcomer by old acquaintances. He'd lost nearly 50 kilos and most of his voice, but fortunately his sense of humour and friendly handshake hadn't changed. The training sessions at the end of the day are not yet suitable for his health, he still needs time to regain his old form, so he only took the ball for a warm-up, and was applauded by his old and new friends. He was also getting married at the weekend, so he had enough challenges for the weekend even without the matches. Better late than never, long live the newlyweds!

The smaller number of players allowed for fewer matches this time, and the Albert team won the small tournament, which featured a good atmosphere but also some hard-fought matches.

1. Team Albert 6 points
2. Team Varga 3 points
3. Team Fenyvesi 0 point

Team Albert–Team Varga 1:0
Team Albert–Team Fenyvesi 1:0
Team Fenyvesi–Team Albert 0:1


Fradi victory at the edge of the Puskás Aréna

Our walking footballers have won Hungary's first public inter-club walking football tournament.


European Walking Football League with 16 team took place in Breda with the participation of prestigious clubs.

Preparing for the European Walking Football League

As well as enjoying the game, last week's walking football sessions were also about football awareness.

Top scorer women in the walking football team

It has been a week with individual female successes for our walking footballers.

A busy week for our walking footballers

As well as playing sport, they were also active this week in terms of cheering.

Walking Football: Waiting for squad announcement

The Walking Football Programme continues with constantly developing team cohesion.

First walking football game against Hungarian opponent

A team from Debrecen joined FTC's domestic walking football tournament on Saturday.

Scottish guest player at our walking football team

The walking footballers completed two more sessions, preparing for the first Hungarian inter-club competition.

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