March 22. 2022.
Walking football has restarted in Ferencváros
With new structure, new faces alongside the old, but with unchanged enthusiasm, the programme was launched.

More than double the usual number, 27 people was at the FTC-MVM Sports Centre on Thursday night - not to mention those who were not yet fit to play, but came out to see their teammates.

Not only was there a change in the number of players, but also the age range. Thirteen over-65s started walking football at Ferencváros on a fine sunny morning in the autumn of 2020. The age group has now been expanded to include 'U65' youngsters, as this year the over 50s were also able to join the programme.

What makes the already diverse group even more special is the presence of two ladies. With a traditional football team, Zoltán Ódor and Roland Horváth might have some trouble finding a way to make the game equally enjoyable for everyone, but walking football is a game that is truly for everyone, where everyone has a chance to play on a nearly equal footing. Of course, this does not mean that the task is easy.

Football lovers are made by God to try their best when there is an opening in front of goal, especially if it is in Ferencváros, and this applies not only to new players, but also to old ones. In games played on two pitches at the same time, it was an old team member who had to have a goal disallowed - with a heavy heart and a lot of complaining - for being too quick.

So we need practice, both for active footballers and for walking footballers. And the twice-weekly sessions now offer plenty of opportunities to do just that. And, of course, there's a need for it, as the Sofia adventure in September was just the beginning of the football adventure in Ferencváros.


Preparing for the European Walking Football League

As well as enjoying the game, last week's walking football sessions were also about football awareness.


Two former players were welcomed back by the walking football team.

Top scorer women in the walking football team

It has been a week with individual female successes for our walking footballers.

A busy week for our walking footballers

As well as playing sport, they were also active this week in terms of cheering.

Walking Football: Waiting for squad announcement

The Walking Football Programme continues with constantly developing team cohesion.

First walking football game against Hungarian opponent

A team from Debrecen joined FTC's domestic walking football tournament on Saturday.

Scottish guest player at our walking football team

The walking footballers completed two more sessions, preparing for the first Hungarian inter-club competition.

Walking footballers pay tribute to legends

The walking football team fought for Albert, Fenyvesi and Zoltán Varga.

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