April 21. 2022.
Walking Football: Waiting for squad announcement
The Walking Football Programme continues with constantly developing team cohesion.

Our walking footballers have had two more meetings and are becoming a stronger community week by week, thanks to the match day activities and the recent tournament on the day of FTC–Debreceni VSC football match, which was also reported by Fradi TV.

Although the tournament, due to the equal distribution of the Ferencváros players, was won by the "laughing fourth" which was a visiting team from Debrecen—with a member who had already signed up for training on Thursday as participant of our programme, proving the saw about one who is not yet fradist will eventually become fradist—the community was obviously boosted by the tournament which was linked to watching the match in the evening. The pre-session gatherings have now become a full blended discussion group between old and new team members, as well as between younger and "younger since earlier" age groups.

The already accommodating company shows an even friendlier face at every moment. Whether it's carrying water, packing the gates, collecting the markers or even helping a partner pull on his shoes, there's always someone who will help without being asked, accompanied by a smile. It is only in the heat of the race that there are occasional lapses in the form of complaints, which, while not exactly joyful, also reflect an absolute feeling of comfort.

Ultimately, this is the goal: to create a good community for the decades-long FTC fans, where they can finally experience the joy of the game as members of their beloved team, and its positive benefits for their mental and physical well-being, regardless of their current fitness level. If football is said to bring people together, walking football can take this to an even higher level. And if it is combined with a shared cheer for the favourite team, there is hardly any better way than this.

Of course, several of them have suggested that they would like to stick with the small team they had at the tournament, but in order to further develop good team cohesion, we will continue to rotate players during the tournaments inside our club. Of course, this is also necessary from a professional point of view, because apart from looking for away opponents to host our home tournaments in the background, Ferencváros will soon be playing some serious matches. On 31 May, the European Walking Football League will kick off in Breda, the Netherlands, and the expected date of the roster announcement was revealed on Thursday.

From FTC's adventure in Sofia, we already know how much of a bonding force a tournament like this can be for a community. And while competition is fierce for just 10 places—as was the case at last Thursday's tournament, which was won this time by a team named after Zoltán Varga—we are in the fortunate position that whatever team members do set off, they will arrive there a ready-made community despite the short familiarity. And back home, they will have a great bunch of people cheering for their success.

4th Tournament final standings:
Team Varga 7 point

Team Fenyvesi 6 point

Team Albert 3 point

Team Sárosi 1 poont


Team Albert–Team Fenyvesi 0:2

Team Varga–Team Sárosi 2:2

Team Sárosi–Team Albert 0:2

Team Varga–Team Fenyvesi 1:0

Team Varga–Team Albert 1:0

Team Sárosi–Team Fenyvesi 1:2


Fradi victory at the edge of the Puskás Aréna

Our walking footballers have won Hungary's first public inter-club walking football tournament.


European Walking Football League with 16 team took place in Breda with the participation of prestigious clubs.

Preparing for the European Walking Football League

As well as enjoying the game, last week's walking football sessions were also about football awareness.


Two former players were welcomed back by the walking football team.

Top scorer women in the walking football team

It has been a week with individual female successes for our walking footballers.

A busy week for our walking footballers

As well as playing sport, they were also active this week in terms of cheering.

First walking football game against Hungarian opponent

A team from Debrecen joined FTC's domestic walking football tournament on Saturday.

Scottish guest player at our walking football team

The walking footballers completed two more sessions, preparing for the first Hungarian inter-club competition.

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