March 2. 2019.
Varga, Sihnevich and Lanzafame double, 7-0 in total.

FTC encountered Diósgyőr at the Groupama Arena on the Saturday night match in NB I. Already in the fourth minute Fradi could have taken the lead but Varga’s free kick missed then the target. In the beginnings the match was open, even Diósgyőr had their chances. Our players were however much more accurate and did not miss theirs: in the 27th minute Gorriaran, playing in great form lately, scored the first goal. Then, we received a penalty that Varga concieved confidently. Before half time ours tricked the Diósgyőr difense once more: Sihnevich lifter to the top left corner.
In the second half our team continued where they stopped in the first, Varga headed to the net quickly. Before the 60th minute Sihnevich celebrated his second and Fradi’s 5th goal today, everything pointed towards a knock-out victory, with the only question of where the team will stop. Then, the substitute Lanzafame scored a double and one annulled but beautiful goal, so Rebrov’s team sent Diósgyőr home with a 7-0 knock-out win.

NB I, Round 23
FTC - DVTK 7-0 (3-0)
FTC: Dibusz - Lovrencsics, Blazic, Dvali, Heister (Botka, 75.) - Sigér, Haratin - Petrjak, Gorriaran (Leandro, 75.), Varga - Sihnevich (Lanzafame, 60.)
DVTK: Bukrán - Polgár, Brkovic (Shestakov, a szünetben), Karan, Tamás (Ndzoumou, 62.) - Tajti, Márkvárt (Mazalovic, 62.), Szabó B. - Juhar, Mihajlovic, Prosser
Goal: Gorriaran (27.), Varga (33. - penalty, 56.), Sihnevich (42., 59.), Lanzafame (84., 86. - penalty)
Red card: Karan (68.)


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