December 15. 2019.
Beautiful Zubkov-goal and win in the last game
We closed the fall with a 1-0 win over Diósgyőr.

This has been a momentful fall season for our team starting with the summer Champions League and Europa League qualifiers, our run in the Europa League group stage and of course at the same time in the domestic league. Everything must come to an end and so does the season for 2019: tonight we played in Diósgyőr where we played offensively and took the lead by Zubkov’s superb free kick. We had several chances and although the home team tried to catch up, they were unable to create many chances or convert any to a goal.
Therefore, 2019 ends with a 1-0 victory and we close the year with a 4-point advantage over MOL Fehérvár, who already played one more game than ours.

NB I., Round 16
DVTK–FTC 0-1 (0-1)
Miskolc, DVTK Stadion. Referee: Farkas Ádám
FTC: Dibusz - Lovrencsics (Botka, 64.), Blazic, Frimpong, Civic - Sigér, Haratin - Isael (Tokmac, 64.), Skvarka (Ihnatenko, 77.), Zubkov - Sihnevich. Head coach: Sergei Rebrov
DVTK: Danilovic - Shestakov, Polgár, Brkovic, Tamás M. - Vági, Iszlai - Hasani, Rui Pedro, Korbély (Bacsa, 61.) – Ivanovski (Prosser, 77.). Head coach: Feczkó Tamás
Goals: Zubkov (15.)
Yellow: Iszlai (76.), resp. Isael (22.), Sigér (45.), Sihnevich (82.), Civic (94.)


One beautiful Tokmac goal, one point

Today FTC could not win, but Tokmac scored a beautiful goal and we kept the 9-point advantage.

Boli’s goal decided the match – we got 9 points lead

The Hungarian league continued with the Budapest Derby tonight: we won 1-0 over Újpest.

Restart with Victory

We won the first match after the break, Sigér scored twice.

Thank you for your patience

FTC’s communique to the club’s season ticket holders and those who had a ticket for the remaining matches.

Two-goal win over ZTE at the Groupama Arena

In our second training match today, we won by two over ZTE.

Let’s fill the stadium! Be there "somehow"!

We are creating an opportunity for thousands of our fans to "somehow" be present at our games.

First training match: FTC-MTK 4-1

After almost two months of pause, our team won 4-1 over MTK in the first training match.

Dénes Dibusz stays

Our national team member goalie, Dénes Dibusz stays at Ferencváros.

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