January 28. 2021.
Budafok – FTC 0-3
Three goals, two penalties.

Ferencváros won its first spring season league match Wednesday after a defeat and a draw from the previous rounds: we played as the opponent of Budafok and won 3-0. Although not many teams could defeat Budafok at their own stadium this season, our team played dominantly from the beginning of the match and it was a matter of time only when we will take the lead. The supporters needed to wait 25 minutes to see the first goal: Uzuni showed a dribble inside the penalty area when the home defender kicked him. We received a penalty that the Albanian player converted to a goal confidently. We continued with our attacks even after the goal and in the second half, Csontos scored his first adult league, and our team’s second goal today. This did not mean the end of the match, more Fradi attacks needed to be blocked by the home team. Then, in the 68th minute, we received yet another penalty after a corner situation when the home defender touched the ball with his hands. Kharatin stood behind the goal and placed it calmly into the net. The result did not change in the remainings, the match ended with 3-0. We continue the Fradi spring soon!

NB I, Round 5 (postponed match from the fall)

Budafok-FTC 0-3 (0-1)

Budafok: Póser - Huszti, Oláh, Romic, Zeke - Filkor (Ihrig-Farkas, 75.), Csonka - Skribek (Takács R., 64.), Lőrinczy (Kulcsár K., 64.), Szabó M. (Micsinai, 75.) - Zsóri (Kovács D., 82.)

FTC: Dibusz - Lovrencsics, Blazic, Dvali (Csontos, 37.), Heister (Wingo, 82.) - Sigér (Zubkov, 71.), Haratin - Tokmac (Vécsei, 82.), Isael, Uzuni (Skvarka, 71.) - Boli

Yellow: Haratin (32.), Sigér (37.), Filkor (38.), Zeke (67.)

G.: Uzuni (25. - penalty), Csontos (60.), Haratin (67. - penalty)


Two quick goals and a draw

Zubkov-double, Mak missed a penalty and MTK stood up from 0-2.

Farewell from the cup

Ferencváros suffered a 2-1 defeat from MOL Fehérvár in the Cup and,

Uzuni goal and Dibusz savings: win over Honvéd

Myrto Uzuni scored his 8th goal and won the match for Fradi over Budapest Honvéd.

István Tóth Potya, acknowledged rescuer

The name of the former player and coach of FTC was put on the marble plaque in the Wallenberg Memorial Park.

Two-goal lead but draw in the end

Somalia and Boli both scored but we left the pitch with a 2-2 draw against Mezőkövesd.

Georgian national team winger signs to Fradi

Giorgi Kharaishvili, the 24-year old Swedish cup winner arrives to Ferencváros from IFK Göteborg.

Past Dorog

FTC claimed a 2-1 victory over Dorog in the Hungarian Cup.

FTC – Fehérvár 2-0

Easy win in the gold rush.

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