April 9. 2020.
In the joint action of FTC and LSH, we deliver food to the heroes, the employees of the Saint László Hospital.

Ferencvárosi Torna Club pays tribute to the strenuous work of all health care workers, doctors, and nurses who fight against the threat of coronavirus. Social responsibility plays an important role in the life of our club, we have been trying to help those in need and those who are fighting for us since the beginning of the pandemic.

In March, FTC executives, footballers, coaches of the first team, and members of the professional staff offered HUF 15 million to the Foundation for Patients, Doctors and Employees of St. László and St. István Hospital.

This initiative was later joined by the leaders, athletes, and staff of FTC’s hockey, handball, and water polo sections, who each offered HUF 5 million, together 15 million for Uzsoki Utcai Hospital’s Foundation of Mobility, to help fight the threat of the virus.

In our latest initiative, as a joint action, Ferencvárosi Torna Club and Lagardère Sports Hungary Kft. (operator of Groupama Arena) will help the extraordinary work and struggle that takes place in the close vicinity of our headquarters, our stadium.
Starting from the 8th of April, we will deliver 140 servings of breakfast and lunch each day from the kitchen of Groupama Arena to the employees, the heroes of Saint László Hospital.

The catering partner of our stadium, Eventrend Kft., whose employees will prepare and deliver the lunch to the hospital, and Pek-Snack Kft. who will provide the breakfast are both joining the action.

We believe that in these difficult times collaboration is most important, so with this little help, we want to support the ongoing, heroic struggle of health workers.


One beautiful Tokmac goal, one point

Today FTC could not win, but Tokmac scored a beautiful goal and we kept the 9-point advantage.

Boli’s goal decided the match – we got 9 points lead

The Hungarian league continued with the Budapest Derby tonight: we won 1-0 over Újpest.

Restart with Victory

We won the first match after the break, Sigér scored twice.

Thank you for your patience

FTC’s communique to the club’s season ticket holders and those who had a ticket for the remaining matches.

Two-goal win over ZTE at the Groupama Arena

In our second training match today, we won by two over ZTE.

Let’s fill the stadium! Be there "somehow"!

We are creating an opportunity for thousands of our fans to "somehow" be present at our games.

First training match: FTC-MTK 4-1

After almost two months of pause, our team won 4-1 over MTK in the first training match.

Dénes Dibusz stays

Our national team member goalie, Dénes Dibusz stays at Ferencváros.

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