August 25. 2019.
Defeat from Puskas
Despite the good start our team suffered a serious defeat tonight against Puskas.

Our team played its second league match in the new season Sunday evening. The lineup was completely different from Thursday’s starting eleven and this brought problems for us. Although the returning Spirovski scored a beautiful goal early in the game, Puskás first equalized, then from some mistakes from our side turned the game. Later they managed to score two more times making our players leave the pitch with a disappointing 4-1 defeat.


4-goal win ahead of Europa League.

We decided the game against Paks already in the first half.

Ticket purchase for our EL home games

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FTC – DVTK 1-0

Win over Diósgyőr with one-man disadvantage.

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The best moments of getting into the Group Stage

The unforgettable celebration and the best moments of our victory over Suduva.

We made it! Group stage after 15 years!

After a versatile battle, we won 4-2 over Suduva in the Europa League play-off!

One victory away from the group stage

We're so close, only one victory away from the Europa League group stage.

Great dominance but 0-0

0-0 in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League play-off against FK Suduva.

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