November 2. 2019.
Draw against Mezőkövesd with Ihnatenko’s first goal
In a thrilling game our team played out a 1-1 draw against Mezőkövesd.

In Round 11 of NB I our team hosted Mezőkövesd at the Groupama Aréna. Before the match, the teams stood tied on the top with 22 points, although ours played one game less. 

Fairly early our team scored: in the 9th minute Ihnatenko marked his first goal at Fradi after a corner. Our players continued with the high pressure but this did not result in another goal. However, on the other end, Mezőkövesd headed the ball into the net after half time. The goal caused temporary confusion but later we could have taken the lead several times. The match anyways resulted in a draw and since MOL Fehérvár finished 3-3 in Zalaegerszeg, no the three teams stay on top together, all with 23 points collected so far. 

NB I, Round 11

FTC-Mezőkövesd 1-1 (1-0)

FTC: Dibusz – Lovrencsics, Blazic, Botka, Civic – Haratin, Ihnatenko (75. Leandro) – Isael (70. Bőle), Tokmac (82. Varga), Zubkov – Boli

Mezőkövesd: Szappanos – Farkas, Katanec, Pillár, Silye – Pekár, Karnitski, Berecz, Cseri – Nagy, Zivzivadze

Goal: Ihnatenko (9. min) resp. Zivzivadze (49. min)


Not yet champions

FTC finished 1-1 against Puskás Academy.

Closer to the 32nd

By the goals of Uzuni, Boli, Sigér and Kharaishvili FTC defeated Budafok in NB I.

FTC – Paks: 5-2

A goal-rich victory over Paks to finish the weekend with.

Boli double but another draw

Ferencváros played out a 2-2 draw in Zalaegerszeg.


With Boli’s header we collected three points against DVTK.

Two quick goals and a draw

Zubkov-double, Mak missed a penalty and MTK stood up from 0-2.

Farewell from the cup

Ferencváros suffered a 2-1 defeat from MOL Fehérvár in the Cup and,

Uzuni goal and Dibusz savings: win over Honvéd

Myrto Uzuni scored his 8th goal and won the match for Fradi over Budapest Honvéd.

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