September 1. 2019.
FTC – DVTK 1-0
Win over Diósgyőr with one-man disadvantage.

The 1st of September is traditionally the day of school-start and therefore we started today’s leauge match against DVTK with a charity activity together with the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. In sector D3-D4 the youth teams of our club show a huge banner with the charity number of the organization. Supporters dialing the number could donate to the school start of 1000 children in need.

On the pitch we got into one-man disadvantage in the 7th minute when Isael was shown the red card after a collision with Vági. Regardless, the opponents could not reach our goal, not one single time in the first half whil we created chance after chance. We even had the opportunity to score from a penalty but Bőle missed it. The first 45 minutes did not end without a goal though, as Sihnevich scored in the 35th minute. Although we continued with our attacks in the second half, the match ended with 1-0.

NB I, Round 5
FTC–DVTK 1-0 (1-0)
Groupama Aréna. Referee: Bognár Tamás
FTC: Dibusz – Botka, Blazic, Dvali, Civic – Sigér (Haratin, 86.), Ihnatenko – Isael, Bőle (Varga R., 79.), Zubkov (Frimpong, 90.) – Sihnevich. Head coach: Sergei Rebrov
DVTK: Danilović - Brković, Karan, Tamás M. - Shestakov, Hasani (Korbély, 89.), Márkvárt, Szabó B. (Tóth B., 65.), Vági (Polgár, 7.) - Prosser, Tabakovic. Head coach:Fernando Fernández.
Goal: Sihnevich (37.)
Yellow: Zubkov (31.), Botka (56.), Bőle (60.), illetve Tamás Márk (31.), Shestakov (58.), Tabakovic (81.)
Red: Isael (7.)


4-goal win ahead of Europa League.

We decided the game against Paks already in the first half.

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