October 24. 2021.
FTC – MTK 0-0
We only reached offside goals today against MTK at the Groupama Arena.

The eternal derby between FTC and MTK was organized Sunday afternoon in Round 10 of the first Hungarian division. The match was organized today following the World Animal Day and our players took one puppy with them on to the pitch from animal shelters to promote the opportunity of adopting animals from shelters. 

We created the first chance of the match in the 8th minute: Mak’s free kick reached Blazic whose header Mijatovic stopped. Then, our players were more active with long-range shots but those did not create considerable danger. Also MTK showed some moments but a goal from the visitors was not really in the game. The first 45 minutes ended with 0-0 and in the beginning of the second half the away team started with higher pace. Towards the middle of the second period we started pressuring more and scored twice: both were taken away though due to offside situations. We did not manage to score once more, therefore the 219th eternal derby ended with a disappointing 0-0.

NB I, Round 10
FTC-MTK 0-0 (0-0)
FTC: Bogdán – Wingo, Blazic, Kovacevic, Civic (Cabraja, 46.) – Besic (Laidouni, 46.), Vécsei (Somália, 62.) – Mak (Marin, 75.), Uzuni, Tokmac, R. Mmaee (Boli, 28.)
MTK: Mijatovic – Balázs, Varju, Ferreira, Herrera – Weir, Ramadani, Dimitrov (Kosznovszky, 85.) – Kovácsréti (Vancsa, 78.), Miovski (Kocsis, 85.), Grozav (Kata, 95.)
Yellow card: Blazic (64.), illetve Ferreira (45.)


Eventful one point

We took the lead but needed to satisfy ourselves with one point against Puskás.

FTC – Mezőkövesd 3-0

Another great victory in the league.

UEL: defeat from Betis

After a great battle on the pitch we suffered another defeat from Betis.

English and Hungarian book about Flórián Albert

The book summarising the material legacy of the only Hungarian Golden Ball player is now available.

Gala against MOL Fehérvár

Ferencváros won easily with 3-0 over MOL Fehérvár FC at the Groupama Arena.

We say no to swearing

FTC and Sportfive Hungary Ltd. announce new Ground Rules for sectors D1 and D2 of the Groupama Arena.

Goal-rich win over Kisvárda

Ferencváros won easily 4-0 over Kisvárda in the Hungarian league.

Painful defeat in EL

Ferencváros suffered a painful 3-2 defeat from Celtic in Budapest.

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