November 24. 2019.
FTC – ZTE 3-2
Confident win in a versatile game against ZTE.

The Hungarian first league continued this weekend after the national team break. Our team played last against DVSC and claimed a high-scale win. Today ours continued against Zalaegerszeg, an opponent from the bottom of the standings. The match started showing a major difference between the two teams, by the end of the first 15 minutes, the scoreboard could easily have showed 3-0, but Isael missed his penalty, so the result became 2-0. Then, ours hit the bar twice while the away team closed up with a nice goal. Then, Isael scored for Fradi in the end of a clever attack. This set the result of the first half: 3-1. After the break ZTE closed up once more but they never managed to equalize. Thus, we claimed another home win, which moves us to the top of the league.

Men's Football NB I., Round 13
FTC–ZTE FC 3-2 (3-1)
Budapest, Groupama Aréna. Ref: Bognár Tamás
FTC: Dibusz – Lovrencsics, Blazic, Frimpong, Civic – Ihnatenko, Haratin – Isael, Tokmac (Skvarka, 76.), Varga (Botka, 89.) – Boli (Sihnevich, 85.). Vezetőedző: Sergei Rebrov
ZTE FC: Demjén – Bolla, Bobál D., Devecseri, Bedi – Kocsis, Mitrovic – Golodiuk (Ikoba, 50.), Stieber, Radó (Babati, 70.) – Bobál G (Grumic, 83.). Vezetőedző: Dobos Barna
Goal: Boli (6.), Tokmac (16.), Isael (45.), resp. Radó (18.), Bobál G. (60.)
Yellow: Devecseri (13.)


New championship stickers on Viber!

Our new sticker collection focusing on our 32nd championship title is now available!

Peter Stöger becomes Head Coach of Ferencváros!

The Austrian champion Peter Stöger takes over the bench of Ferencváros – INTERVIEW!

Sergei Rebrov leaves Fradi

Sergei Rebrov resigns as head coach of FTC men’s football team.

Signing from the Cypriot dream team

Ferencvárs strengthens its team with Samy Mmaee’s brother, the Belgian Cup-winner Ryan Mmaee.

Lovrencsics, Isael, Heister and Skvarka are leaving FTC

These four players will leave Ferencváros after the 2020/21 season.

Win and point record!

Turning from 1-0, Ferencváros defeated Honvéd and closed the season with a record 78 points.

Sigér Dávid has renewed his contract with FTC

The fan favourite midfielder will continue to work for the success of Ferencváros.

Tokmac-double against Mezőkövesd

On the season’s last home game, Ferencváros won 2-0 over Mezőkövesd.

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