July 24. 2019.
FTC is introducing new, returnable cups at the Groupama Arena on the Champions League game against Valletta.

We are happy to announce that FTC and our stadium operator LSH Kft are introducing a new, green product during our next home game. The recup is a green, returnable cup, which is made from more durable plastic. Our goal is to produce less trash and protect the environment.

The recups can be purchased on the 24th of July for the first time, during our Champions League qualifiers game against Valletta at the concessions located at the D4 sector of Groupama Arena. The cups have a deposit fee of 350 HUF and thus are returnable.

The cups are returnable at the buffet where it was purchased, up until an hour after the end of the game. If you return it, the fee will appear on your Fradi Card and you can use it for future purchases. When you purchase a new drink, you’ll get it in a new, clean cup.

It’s not obligatory to return the cup, you can bring it home as a souvenir, but you can’t bring and use it during the next game.


Draw against the first team of Bundesliga 2

There were great opportunities, but no goals on our football team's third training match in Spain.

defeated by Union Berlin on exciting match

We were leading with Isael's goal, but the German team equalized. Lodico scored his first Fradi-goal.

Somalia is back in Ferencváros!

Our former player, Hungarian champion, and cup winner Somalia is returning to Fradi.

Leading for long, but defeated in the end

Lovrencsics scored the first Fradi goal in 2020 but in the end the Belgian team turned the result.

We loaned a midfielder from the Argentine championship

Gaston Lódico from the third-best Argentine team is joining Ferencváros.

Professional contract with talented young defender

Csontos Dominik has signed his first professional contract with FTC.

our opponents during the training camp

Our football team is traveling to Benidorm for a two-week-long training camp.

Youth national player signed

FTC signed the under 19 national team player Regő Szánthó.

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