July 15. 2020.
Here’s the full schedule of the next season!
Our Hungarian Champion football team will kick off the 2020/21 season in the home of MTK!

The Hungarian Football Federation has prepared the schedule for the next season of the Hungarian National League. According to the plan, our team will first play on the 15th of August against MTK who have successfully fought their way back to the League. 

The first home game will be held one week later in the Groupama Arena, on the 22nd of August against DVTK. 

The full schedule

1st round        MTK Budapest–FTC                August  15 2020

2nd round      FTC–DVTK                              August  22 2020

3rd round       ZTE FC–FTC                           August  29 2020

 4th round       FTC–Paksi FC                        September 12  2020

5th round       Budafoki MTE–FTC                  September 26  2020

6th round       FTC–Puskás Akadémia             October 3  2020

7th round       Kisvárda–FTC                          October 17 2020

8th round       FTC–Újpest FC                         October 24  2020

9th round       MOL Fehérvár FC–FTC              October 31  2020

10th round     FTC–Mezőkövesd                      November 7  2020

11th round      Budapest Honvéd–FTC             November 21 2020

12th round     FTC–MTK Budapest                   November 28 2020

13th round     DVTK–FTC                               December 5 2020

14th round     FTC–ZTE FC                             December 12 2020

15th round     Paksi FC–FTC                           December 16 2020

16th round     FTC–Budafoki MTE                    December 19 2020

17th round     Puskás Akadémia–FTC              January 23 2021

18th round     FTC–Kisvárda                           January 30 2021

19th round     Újpest FC–FTC                         February 3 2021

20th round    FTC–MOL Fehérvár FC               February 6 2021

21st round      Mezőkövesd–FTC                     February 13 2021

22nd round    FTC–Budapest Honvéd              February 20 2021

23rd round     MTK Budapest–FTC                  February 27 2021

24th round     FTC–DVTK                               March 6 2021

25th round     ZTE FC–FTC                             March 13 2021

26th round    FTC–Paksi FC                            March 20 2021

27th round     Budafoki MTE–FTC                   April 3 2021

28th round    FTC–Puskás Akadémia               April 10 2021

29th round     Kisvárda–FTC                           April 17 2021

30th round     FTC–Újpest FC                         April 24 2021

31st round     MOL Fehérvár FC–FTC               May 1 2021

32nd round    FTC–Mezőkövesd                      May 8 2021

33rd round     Budapest Honvéd–FTC              May 15 2021


Green, black and white: here’s the new away jersey!

The new jersey of our men's football team will be available in person and online from July 27!

We signed a Bosnian national team defenseman!

The 26-year-old Adnan Kovacevic signs to FTC from Poland.

Four-goal win, four scorers

The pre-season continued with another training match against the Slovenian NK Brezice.

Transfer news: French midfielder in Fradi!

Aïssa Laïdouni, a multi-position player is joining our football team.

Another win today

Watch the goal summary of today’s training match with a 9-0 victory.

Goals from Szánthó and Ramadan but draw in the end

Draw against Haladás in the first training match.

Myrto Uzuni to sign

The 25-year old Myrto Uzuni arrives to FTC from the Croatian cup finalist Lokomotiva.

Otigba Kenneth and Gastón Lodico are both leaving FTC

The 27-year-old defenseman and the 22-year-old midfielder will continue their careers elsewhere.

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