August 4. 2020.
In the pouring rain, Sigér’s header only got us a draw
FTC was still at a disadvantage after the first half, but our midfielder equalized after a nice action.

Our Hungarian Champion men’s football team played the first friendly match of the second training camp in Austria against the Slovenian NK Tabor Sezena.

The Slovenian team worked out the first opportunity of the game, but the shot of their attacker avoided the goal of Dávid Gróf. The next minutes, on the other hand, were about Ferencváros. First Roland Varga fired a ball barely over the crossbar, then the goalkeeper of Tabor saved after a nice individual action from Ammar Ramadan, and a minute later our Syrian player's new attempt only escaped the goal with mere centimeters. 

In the 19th minute, we were very close to scoring, but Varga and Civic’s play together could only hit the woodwork. After that, both teams had some unfortunate chances, but NK Tabor Sezena was the one to open the scoring, they gained their advantage in the 32nd minute. Before half time Varga had two dangerous free-kicks but was not able to score. 

In the break Sergei Rebrov made three changes, Bogdán took his place in the goal, Sihnevich was replaced by Michal Skvarka, and Dvali was replaced by one of our new players, Adnan Kovacevic. Bogdán saved beautifully in the 47th minute after a promising attack from our opponent, not long after he saved in another dangerous situation. 

A few minutes later, the rain started pouring, which probably surprised the Slovenian team a bit, as Fradi took the initiative. So much so that in the 58th minute Dávid Sigér went perfectly in the middle for Civic's left cross and equalized with a magnificent header.

In the 61st minute, our head coach changed almost the entire line. Franck Boli, Isael, Katona Bálint, Tokmac Nguen, Abraham Frimpong, Botka Endre, Marcel Heister, and Somália all stepped on the pitch. Isael started off with a great chance, but his attempt was blocked. Undoubtedly, the heavy rain had an effect on the pitch, as the game was mostly in the midfield, the teams rarely came close to the goal, but even when they did a mistake stopped the attacks. 

In the 91st minute, Skvarka's 18-meter free-kick was blocked by the goalkeeper, so our team started the second training camp with a 1-1 draw with Sigér's great header in the pouring rain.

NK Tabor Sezana–FTC 1–1 (1–0)

Ferencváros: Gróf (Bogdán, HT) – Lovrencsics G. (Botka, 61.), Blazic (A. Frimpong, 61.), Dvali (A. Kovacevic, HT), Civic (Heister, 61.) – Haratin (Somália, 61.), Sigér (Katona B., 61.) – Varga R. (Isael, 61.), Sihnevich (Skvarka, HT), Laidouni (Tokmac, 61.) – Ramadan (F. Boli, 61.).

Head Coach: Sergei Rebrov.

Scorer: Sigér (58.)



Ferencváros played out a 0-0 draw against Molde FK and qualified to the group stage of the Champions League.

Nerve-wrecking draw against Molde

Ferencváros went by two, then was one goal behind. In the end we finished 3-3 against Molde.

Six goals in the Cup

We played our first domestic cup match today against Ráckeve and won 6-1 over the lower division team.

Two-times Russian Champion Striker signed

Róbert Mak, the 2-time Russian Champion and Greek Cup winner striker signs for Ferencváros.


Ferencváros is one step away from the Champions League Group Stage after defeating Dinamo Zagreb 2-1.

FTC – Paks 5-0

Knock-out victory against Paks.

CL Draw: These teams will be our next opponents

We found out which teams we are, and could be facing in the next rounds of the Champions League Qualifiers

ZTE – FTC 1-2

Ferencvaros claimed the first league win today against Zalaegerszeg.

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