August 24. 2021.
Information for the supporters
Information for the supporters about Ferencváros–Young Boys Champions League Qualifiers match.

Ferencvárosi Torna Club would like to thank you for supporting our football team in person at the stadium during the Ferencváros–Young Boys Champions League Qualifiers match on August 24., 2021. We would like to draw the attention of all our ticket buyers to the information needed to view the event on-site.

• Only letterless red-white-green (national colors) or green-white molinos / flags previously authorized by the club can be brought for the match.

• The molinos must not display any discriminatory, offensive, violent, obscene, exclusionary, political, non-sporting content, nor may they show symbols of dictatorship or expressions that discriminate against other people, nations, groups of people, or sexual minorities.

• The molinos / flags must not show symbols or similar things that are prohibited by FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) and UEFA.

• Please refrain from any obscene, exclusionary, discriminatory, offensive, or political distinction of other people, nations, groups of people, and sexual minorities.

• We respectfully ask all our fans to avoid any hand gesture that UEFA may interpret as a Nazi or anti-Semitic symbol and to warn their fellow fans to do the same. The "heart to sky" arm movement with one hand cannot be done at all!!!

• The spectators must not use nor bring any pyrotechnic devices, incense, firecrackers, sound grenades, etc. in the stadium.

• Spectators who engage in such unlawful activities will cause serious material and moral damage to the club. In the event of a disciplinary offense, there is a risk of a large fine to be imposed by UEFA, even a punishment of matches played behind closed gates for several occasions and the exclusion of the club from UEFA competitions!

• Our spectators must understand that they will need to enter the event with their own identification documents, comply with the stadium rules, and agree that during the event the organizers can make security recordings of them and they can be held accountable and can be liable for property damage according to the videos in case of harmful behavior.

• We would like to draw the attention of our fans to the fact that expressions that offend the Hungarian Football Association (also known as MLSZ) or the referees with a gender identity mark or offensive reference to sexual orientation are interpreted by UEFA as discriminatory, obscene, offensive, political or discriminatory against sexual minorities. UEFA could impose severe penalties on the club.

• Marking the European Football Association (also known as UEFA) as a criminal group is interpreted as insulting or political manifestation, and can cause severe penalties for the club.

Thank you for helping the international performance of Ferencváros with your cooperation!

Budapest - Ferencváros, August 24., 2021


Win with Ryan Mmaee’s header

1-0 win over MOL Fehérvár in the league.

Uzuni gala, next round in the Cup

In the 3rd round of the Hungarian Cup Ferencváros won 9-0 over Hatvan.

Transfer news: we signed a German national team player!

Marko Marin will continue his career in Ferencváros.

Signing from Premier League

After seven years in England, the Bosnian national player Muhamed Besic returns to Ferencváros!

Despite the lead, defeat in Leverkusen

Bayer Leverkusen turned the result and defeated Ferencváros in the first round of Europa League.

Win in Heated Atmosphere

Ferencváros won 1-0 over Budapest Honvéd on Saturday afternoon derby.

Fradi in EA SPORTS FIFA 22 as first Hungarian club

Ferencváros will be part of the popular FIFA video game series for the next years.

FTC – DVSC 4-2

We won 4-2 over Debrecen after 1-1 in the first half.

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