December 7. 2019.
Kubatov Gábor: "We achieved our goals this year"
Kubatov Gábor and Orosz Pál answered the questions during the last Press-Thursday of the year.

At the beginning of the press conference, Kubatov Gábor, president of the Ferencvárosi Torna Club thanked the press for their cooperation throughout the year and emphasized that he saw the need for success rather than scandals as a fundamental change of attitude between sports and the press.

He pointed out that in the last nine years, the average attendance of our games has almost doubled, rising from 5500 to 11000. Success has come not only in football, but also in water polo, hockey, as well as in individual sports, and it is no coincidence that the club's 120th anniversary is a golden year.

"In football, we have already achieved international success by getting into the Group Stage of the Europa League. We are also doing well in the UEL and we are one victory away from getting in the next round. Sergei Rebrov has fantastic knowledge, a diligence that is rarely seen by a coach," said Kubatov Gábor, adding that he is still pleased despite saying farewell to the Hungarian Cup on Wednesday.

As for transfer news, he said that we try to freshen up the Squad every year and bring better players to positions that need to be strengthened. Hajnal Tamás is in South America currently, looking at players. Kubatov Gábor also said that half a year is always needed before realistically judging a player's performance, he gave the example of Isael Barbosa and Franck Boli, who at first felt like they had more in them, but now have been playing well. 

Orosz Pál, CEO of FTC Zrt. added that there is no need to expect huge changes as we have been undefeated for 43 home games and have only lost twice in 13 of our Champions League and Europa League matches. 

The press conference also addressed the situation of Hungarian players. Kubatov Gábor said the goal of the club is to have young Hungarian players, he also sees improvement in the junior teams, but it is very difficult for a young footballer to get into Fradi because of the tremendous pressure he has on him. There was an example earlier this year, with 17-year-old Csontos Dominik being introduced to the adult team.

"There is a difference between all the clubs. We want more Hungarian players to play for us, but it is also in our interest to play well. Our task is to be internationally successful, to carry the good reputation of Hungarian club football. There are expectations, performance has to be delivered. If unfortunately, there are no Hungarian players to put in, we have to do it with the foreigners," added Orosz Pál, when asked what he was most proud of, he said of the people who work for the club, from the office worker, and the head coach to the striker, because everyone was part of this success, unity is one of our greatest strengths.

Kubatov Gábor responded to the same question by saying that he was the proudest of the 3,500 kids in the junior teams because we can be happy with our current successes, but the most important thing is to develop great people. The president of our club also expressed his pride in the supporters of the club.

Regarding the club's budget, Orosz Pál said it had grown in the last few years, but it still remains a fraction of what Western clubs and the teams in our group earn and very far from the big European clubs that operate as multinational companies. That is why we can be even prouder of the successes we have achieved and he called it a fantastic feeling that we still have a chance to advance to the final round. He added that advancing would greatly affect our budget. The head coach and the players also receive from the bonuses. 





Draw against the first team of Bundesliga 2

There were great opportunities, but no goals on our football team's third training match in Spain.

defeated by Union Berlin on exciting match

We were leading with Isael's goal, but the German team equalized. Lodico scored his first Fradi-goal.

Somalia is back in Ferencváros!

Our former player, Hungarian champion, and cup winner Somalia is returning to Fradi.

Leading for long, but defeated in the end

Lovrencsics scored the first Fradi goal in 2020 but in the end the Belgian team turned the result.

We loaned a midfielder from the Argentine championship

Gaston Lódico from the third-best Argentine team is joining Ferencváros.

Professional contract with talented young defender

Csontos Dominik has signed his first professional contract with FTC.

our opponents during the training camp

Our football team is traveling to Benidorm for a two-week-long training camp.

Youth national player signed

FTC signed the under 19 national team player Regő Szánthó.

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