December 12. 2020.
Laidouni’s first goal, win over ZTE
Ferencváros won over ZTE by the goals of Laidouni and Baturina.

2020 is soon coming to its end but today another league game awaited our team, FTC played against ZTE. Head coach Rebrov is used to live with the variation options in his squad, he freshened up the line-up somewhat after the Champions League match on Tuesday. Yet, the first opportunities were created by ZTE but Dvali saved the first one from around the goal line, then Somalia stopped Bedi in the second case. After our slower beginnings, we started controlling the ball more and even created our first chances: in the 15th minute  Isael was closest to score but he headed straight into the goalkeeper from 5 meters. The first half ended with 0-0, we needed to speed up for the second 45 minutes. Then, in the 67th minute, Laidouni scored his first league goal at Ferencváros: Mak lobbed the ball from a corner that reached the French midfielder who passed to the short side. A few minutes later Baturina scored again. This has been his third goal in three matches. Although we had a few more opportunities, in the end we finished 2-0 against ZTE.
With this victory Ferencváros stands unbeaten for 60 home league matches in a row.

NB I, Round 14
FTC-ZTE 2-0 (0-0)
FTC: Dibusz – Botka, Blazic, Dvali, Heister – Somália (Haratin, 79.), Laidouni – Mak (Uzuni, 79.), Isael (Zubkov, 60.), Tokmac (Sigér, 70.) – Boli (Baturina, 60.)
ZTE: Demjén – Szépe, Bobál D., Lesjak (Kovács B., 77.) – Vass P., Favorov (Tajti, 71.), Gergényi (Németh E., 77.), Sankovic, Bedi – Babati (Zimonyi, 71.), Dragóner (Könyves, 56.)
Yellow: Sankovic (28.), Gergényi (53.), Szépe (67.), Laidouni (73.), Németh E. (81.)
G.: Laidouni (68.), Baturina (70.)


Well-known signing

Ferencváros signed the 25-year old, MLS and Norwegian champion Henry Wingo from Molde.

Victory on the second friendly game in Marbella

With Laidouni's goal, we defeated the Estonian national team.

Video summary from Marbella: FTC – Alhaurín

Ferencváros played its first training match against Alhaurín in the Marbella training camp.

Thank you for everything!

Roland Varga leaves FTC after six years, 3 championship titles, 3 MK successes, 1 EL, and 1 CL group rounds.

Two new players join our team

Two former junior national players, Gera Dániel and Katona Máté are both joining FTC.

Tokmac Nguen: "The future holds lots of promises!"

We talked with our Norwegian striker after the second training in Marbella.

We now know the date of the Derby!

The date and time of six of our games have been announced.

We've arrived to Marbella

Our football team has traveled to Spain for its first training camp of 2021.

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