May 12. 2020.
Let’s fill the stadium! Be there "somehow"!
We are creating an opportunity for thousands of our fans to "somehow" be present at our games.

The Coronavirus has shaken up the entire world, the health, the economy, the everyday life. And among other things, it rid our fans of being present at our football games. Fradi is also hit by the crisis, there will be a lack of revenue, but even more a shortage of supporters. The tournament continues, with no spectators yet. But what could that be like, football with an empty stadium?

FTC is, therefore, launching a free campaign for fans with a Supporter card:


The action will take place in two phases. The first to participate are those who have a season pass valid for the 2019/20 season, if they want to participate they will need to do the following between 12 and 14 May 2020: 

- Upload their own picture to the website

- Accept the terms and conditions on the website

In the second phase, those will also be able to participate who do not own a Season Pass, but do have a Fradi Supporter Card. They will need to do the following between 25 and 19 May 2020:

- Upload their own picture to the website

- Accept the terms and conditions on the website

The club selects the thousands of participants in chronological order whose faces will appear on the stands of the Groupama Arena. The promotion is free, and the club bears all the costs of making and placing the "puppets".

Let’s fill the grandstand of the stadium next week on our game against Debrecen! Go to the website and follow the instructions! 

After entering the necessary information and uploading their own photo, participants will have the opportunity to virtually be there on the stands of Groupama Arena in the form of a "puppet". Minors under the age of 16 may participate in the action with the consent of their legal guardian.

Rules of participation and data management information of the action can be viewed HERE


FTC – FC Barcelona 0-3

Three-goal defeat from Barcelona on the last Champions League home match.

FTC – MTK 2-0

Confident victory over MTK before the CL match against Barcelona.

Defeat with last minute goal

Ferencváros was close to a draw against Juventus but left the pitch without points

Unsaveable shot and three points

Marcel Heister launched an unsaveable rocket and Fradi collected the three points tonight.

Tokmac’s message: We are a family at Fradi!

FTC has made its 9th campaign film, in which the club raises awareness on the fight against exclusion.

Hungary has made it into the European Championship!

Hungary defeated Iceland and qualified for the European Championship.

Hat trick from Baturina, easy win in the Cup

Ferencváros won 5-0 against Bicskei TC in the MOL Hungarian Cup today.

Decided the win already in the first half

Ferencváros claimed a 3-0 win over Mezőkövesd in Round 10 of NB I.

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