April 17. 2019.
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The number of different media outlets of Ferencváros just keeps on growing, this time we are modernizing our twitter page. Twitter is a perfect social media platform for our international fans. 

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Tickets can be purchased for our EL home game

Tickets are now being sold for the home game of our football team against Suduva.

Let’s fill the schoolbags of 1000 children together!

Ferencvárosi Torna Club and Hungarian Interchurch Aid helps the children in need with school supplies.

Zubkov-goal and win on the first match

One-goal win over Kaposvár in the new Hungarian season.

Farewell from CL, continue in EL

FTC suffered a 4-0 defeat in Budapest from Dinamo Zagreb. We continue in the Europa League.

Another win in the CL-qualifiers

FTC Women’s Football won 2-0 over the Moldavian champion on Saturday.

Sigér goal and a valuable draw in Zagreb

In the end of a huge battle the teams finished 1-1 in the Champions League qualifier.

We signed a Norwegian top striker!

Franck Boli, scorer of most goals of the last Norwegian season will continue his career at Fradi.

Tickets can be purchased for the CL game against Dinamo

Tickets are now being sold for the second leg of the Champions League Qualifiers game against Dinamo Zagreb.

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