November 28. 2019.
Rebrov: "The team will provide the maximum!"
Sergei Rebrov and our striker Franck Boli both expressed their expectations of our match against Espanyol.

FTC held its regular pre-game press conference, on the topic of this Thursday’s UEL match against Espanyol. Sergei Rebrov and Franck Boli answered the questions of the journalists. 

„We have a few players missing from the squad, but I’m sure whoever plays will be fully aware of the importance of this game. We have not scored many goals in the Europa League so far, but we have created lots of opportunities against our opponents. The Europa League is on a different level, you have to focus a lot more here. Of course, football has to be enjoyed too, that is the essence of the game. We’ll play a big game in front of a full stadium, so the team will once again provide the maximum with 100 percent concentration.“ – said Sergei Rebrov.

Our head coach was also questioned about the style of our football.

„We need points at this stage, one point may not be enough for us right now, so of course we’ll have to attack. But the Europa League is at a very high level, Fradi has not been here for 15 years, we are aware that everyone wants to see goals, but the strength of our opponent also has to be respected. However, we’ll continue to provide the maximum, like before. We can still talk about getting into the next round after four games.“ 

Rebrov also talked about how Espanyol has changed since Pablo Manchín became the coach.

„The way they play has definitely changed. Their goal is to be amongst the top teams of Spain, so I’m sure the coach will make some changes. However, you never know which player is the most motivated: the one who’s always in the first team, or the one who gets fewer opportunities and wants to fight his way into La Liga.“

Our striker, Franck Boli said that the most important thing is that the team pays attention to their own tactics and plans.

Everyone knows that Espanyol is a very good team. The Spanish love to gain possession of the ball. Of course, our coach also has a plan, and we also like having the ball. We will fight and deal only with our own game. The European League has very good teams, so it's not easy. Of course, we always want to score goals and win the match.“ Said Boli. 


Draw against the first team of Bundesliga 2

There were great opportunities, but no goals on our football team's third training match in Spain.

defeated by Union Berlin on exciting match

We were leading with Isael's goal, but the German team equalized. Lodico scored his first Fradi-goal.

Somalia is back in Ferencváros!

Our former player, Hungarian champion, and cup winner Somalia is returning to Fradi.

Leading for long, but defeated in the end

Lovrencsics scored the first Fradi goal in 2020 but in the end the Belgian team turned the result.

We loaned a midfielder from the Argentine championship

Gaston Lódico from the third-best Argentine team is joining Ferencváros.

Professional contract with talented young defender

Csontos Dominik has signed his first professional contract with FTC.

our opponents during the training camp

Our football team is traveling to Benidorm for a two-week-long training camp.

Youth national player signed

FTC signed the under 19 national team player Regő Szánthó.

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