February 22. 2020.
Second defeat in the season
Nothing worked well in Mezőkövesd, we lost 3-0.

After a memorable victory over Fehérvár last weekend, today our team continued against Mezőkövesd. Both teams have been playing in good form lately so the supporters filled the home team’s stadium. The match unfortunately was not cheering our supporters: already from the 12th minute we played in disadvantage, Dibusz who has been playing in superb form throughout the season could not help out our defense this time. In the 30th minute Karnitski doubled their lead and only a few minutes later Cseri even extended it to 3-0. This has really been a shock to our players and supporters. In the second half we played more offensively and even created some dangerous attacks. Despite these the result did not change, we lost tonight.
Next Saturday we host Debrecen at the Groupama Arena.

NB I, Round 22
Mezőkövesd-FTC 3-0 (3-0)
Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion, Játékvezető: Iványi Zoltán
Mezőkövesd: Szappanos – Farkas, Guzmics (Nesterov, 90.), Pillár, Silye - Besirovic, Karnitski – Nagy D. (Jurina, 72.), Berecz, Cseri -  Zivzivadze (Takács T., 85.). Vezetőedző: Kuttor Attila
FTC: Dibusz – Lovrencsics, Blazic, Otigba, Heister – Haratin, Vécsei (Sihnevich, 59.) – Zubkov (Varga R., 77.), Sigér (Lodico, 81.), Tokmac – Isael. Vezetőedző: Sergei Rebrov
Yellow: Farkas (9.), Berecz (22.), Isael (24.), Heister (55.), Sigér (64.)
G.: Karnitski (12.), Besirovic (30.), Cseri (35.)


Otigba Kenneth and Gastón Lodico are both leaving FTC

The 27-year-old defenseman and the 22-year-old midfielder will continue their careers elsewhere.

We signed Ádám Bogdán!

Ádám Bogdán, goalkeeper of the Hungarian National team will continue his career in Ferencváros.

Fradi Fiesta, Fradi Win, Win over Mezőkövesd

We closed a fantastic season with another win, 1-0 against Mezőkövesd.

Close defeat

We suffered a 1-0 defeat from MOL Fehérvár in the last away match of the season.

Fradi fiesta 2020: let’s celebrate together!

On Saturday we will celebrate the championship title together at the Groupama Arena with special programs!

Boli, Boli and Boli – he won the derby for Fradi again!

With Franck Boli’s goal we claimed the third victory over Újpest this season.

memories that will last forever: the 31st title

The victory against Honvéd, celebration, and the parade at the Népliget – VIDEO!

31: We won the Hungarian League again!

We won against Honvéd today and reached the dream, defended our title.

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