August 19. 2020.
Sergei Rebrov: „There’s no room for mistakes“
According to our head coach, we need to take our opponent on Wednesday 100 percent seriously.

Our Hungarian champion men’s football team is playing against the Swedish Djurgarden on Wednesday evening at the Groupama Arena, in the first round of the UEFA Champions League Qualifiers. This one match will decide which team will get into the next round. Our head coach Sergei Rebrov and goalkeeper Dénes Dibusz voiced their expectations. 

"It is primarily a greater responsibility for the players that this time the progression will be decided not in two, but in one match. We have analyzed the opponent, but since we are playing at home and this one match decides the way forward, there is no room for mistakes, more concentration is required from the players." Started Rebrov, and also mentioned that Oleksandr Zubkov and Gergő Lovrencsics are not part of the squad due to injuries and David Gróf due to the competition between the goalkeepers. 

"I don’t usually ponder the odds in advance, now I think both teams have a 50-50 percent chance of advancing. The opponent has the advantage that their tournament is still going on in Sweden, meaning they have played several matches while we are through just one match where the weather played a big role, especially during the second half of the game." Said Sergei Rebrov.

The press asked our coach whether he considers Ferencváros to be a more experienced team at the international level.

"I don’t deal with statistics, nor did I show my players different data on who played how much at this level before. We have to take the Swedish champion one hundred percent seriously and focus only on the game.  One of the great strengths of Djurgarden is that they are an athletic team, with players winning most tackles within the match. They are able to position well, but we will be the ones playing home." 

Dénes Dibusz also shared his views at the press conference.

"Before our training on Monday, we also got to know our opponent" Dénes Dibusz began, referring to the pre-training video-showing. 

"We tried to prepare by watching previous games of Djurgarden, as their tournament is still taking place in Sweden, we were able to observe the opponent on important matches. They’re a well-organized team that can play in multiple styles. They play combo pass in league matches, but we’re also prepared for the fact that if we try to force our will on them, they’re going to try long passes. Djurgarden players are physically strong, fast, and there are some who do well or are able to get there in the middle of a pass, thus creating dangerous situations. We are prepared for the opponent and look forward to Wednesday’s qualifier!"

Men's football, Champions League Qualifiers, 1st round


August 19, 2020, Wednesday

Budapest, Groupama Arena


Joint celebration

Serhiy Rebrov thanked the supporters outside the stadium for their fantastic presence.


Ferencváros played out a 0-0 draw against Molde FK and qualified to the group stage of the Champions League.

Nerve-wrecking draw against Molde

Ferencváros went by two, then was one goal behind. In the end we finished 3-3 against Molde.

Six goals in the Cup

We played our first domestic cup match today against Ráckeve and won 6-1 over the lower division team.

Two-times Russian Champion Striker signed

Róbert Mak, the 2-time Russian Champion and Greek Cup winner striker signs for Ferencváros.


Ferencváros is one step away from the Champions League Group Stage after defeating Dinamo Zagreb 2-1.

FTC – Paks 5-0

Knock-out victory against Paks.

CL Draw: These teams will be our next opponents

We found out which teams we are, and could be facing in the next rounds of the Champions League Qualifiers

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