October 31. 2020.
Somalia scored again, draw on the derby
Ferencváros played out a 1-1 draw away against MOL Fehérvár FC.

Another tough game was organized Saturday night for Ferencváros: having played against Barcelona, Újpest and Kiev, our team now ran onto pitch tonight against MOL Fehérvár FC in Székesfehérvár.
The home players were more initiative in the first half but Fradi took the lead close to half time: Skvarka lobbed a free kick into the box where Somalia arrived and headed into the net. After scoring against Újpest last week, the Brazilian player scored today again. In the 54th minute Fehérvár received a penalty and no matter how well Dibusz felt the direction, he could not stop the shot: 1-1. Head coach Rebrov sent in more strikers but this was not enough today to take the lead again. The match ended with 1-1. Ferencávors Budapest plays against Juventus next.

NB I, Round 9
MOL Fehérvár-FTC 1-1 (0-1)
MOL Fehérvár: Rockov – Bolla, Stopira, Musliu, Fiola – Nego, Nikolov – Bamgboye, Houri, Petrjak (Pinto, 68.) - Nikolics (Zivzivadze, 77.)
FTC: Dibusz – Botka, Kovacevic, Dvali, Heister – Haratin (Vécsei, 88.), Laidouni, Somália (Sigér, 46.) – Isael (Tokmac, 68.), Boli (Baturina, 68.), Skvarka (Zubkov, 72.)
Yellow: Laidouni (37.), Petrjak (66.), Nikolov (76.), Fiola (81.), Sigér (85.), Bolla (88.), Pinto (89.)
Goal: Nikolics (55.- 11-esből), resp. Somália (43.)


FTC – MTK 2-0

Confident victory over MTK before the CL match against Barcelona.

Defeat with last minute goal

Ferencváros was close to a draw against Juventus but left the pitch without points

Unsaveable shot and three points

Marcel Heister launched an unsaveable rocket and Fradi collected the three points tonight.

Tokmac’s message: We are a family at Fradi!

FTC has made its 9th campaign film, in which the club raises awareness on the fight against exclusion.

Hungary has made it into the European Championship!

Hungary defeated Iceland and qualified for the European Championship.

Hat trick from Baturina, easy win in the Cup

Ferencváros won 5-0 against Bicskei TC in the MOL Hungarian Cup today.

Decided the win already in the first half

Ferencváros claimed a 3-0 win over Mezőkövesd in Round 10 of NB I.

Huge fight on the pitch but defeat from Juventus

Ferencváros suffered a 4-1 defeat from Juventus in the Champions League group stage.

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