November 10. 2019.
Superb win: scored six over DVSC
Today our team played unstoppably against Debrecen and won 6-1.

The men’s football team of FTC has a challenging fall season this year but the team takes the challenges very well: not only did we win the most important games lately in the league, but also collected four points against CSKA Moscow in the UEFA Europa League in two matches. After these matches many would have settled with a one-goal win today in Debrecen. It turned out not exactly like that.

We played dominantly from start but so did Debrecen play quite agile. Anyways, we took the lead with Varga’s goal fairly early, in the 11th minute. After the leading goal Debrecen came on to us but Gróf stopped all their attempts. Then, in the 36th minute we built a nice attack and in the end Tokmac headed a goal from close. We got stuck in the dressing room a bit in the beginning of the second half and DVSC quickly closed up to one goal. Then, instead of them equalizing, we continued scoring four more goals: first Isael, then Bőle , then Varga again and finally Tokmac closed today’s scorer list.

The only question that remained was how big the difference was going to be in the end: the players left the pitch with 6-1.

NB I, Round 12

DVSC-FTC 1-6 (0-2)

Debrecen, Nagyerdei Stadion. Referee: Farkas Ádám

DVSC: Nagy S. (Kosicky, 58.) – Kinyik, Szatmári (Garba, 72.), Pávkovics, Ferenczi – Haris, Adeniji – Kusnyír, Csősz, Szécsi (Kundrák, 46.) - Trujic

FTC: Gróf – Lovrencsics, Blazic, Frimpong, Civic (Csontos, 85.) – Haratin, Ihnatenko – Varga R., Tokmac, Zubkov (Bőle, 72.) - Isael (Boli, 80.)

Yellow: Kinyik (42.), Civic (47.), Csősz (71.)

G.: Kundrák (50.), resp. Varga R. (11., 79.), Tokmac (36., 87.), Isael (61.), Bőle (77.)



Kubatov Gábor: "We achieved our goals this year"

Kubatov Gábor and Orosz Pál answered the questions during the last Press-Thursday of the year.

Defeat and Farewell

2-0 defeat in Békéscsaba, farewell from the Cup.

Kaposvár-FTC 2-3

Three goals and win in Kaposvár after 42 years again.

Seconds away from a victory

By the end of the 90 minutes we lead 2-1 but in the end played out 2-2 against Espanyol.

Rebrov: "The team will provide the maximum!"

Sergei Rebrov and our striker Franck Boli both expressed their expectations of our match against Espanyol.

Two awards to our Telekom Active Supporters Program!

We got awards in the category of the most innovative sports marketing cooperation and best sports sponsorship.


FTC fights against exclusion, this year we shot another campaign to raise awareness – VIDEO!

FTC – ZTE 3-2

Confident win in a versatile game against ZTE.

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