August 30. 2019.
The best moments of getting into the Group Stage
The unforgettable celebration and the best moments of our victory over Suduva.

After a tough and gripping second leg match against Suduva, we defeated them 4-2, and our football team got into the Europa League Group Stage again after 15 years. 
The best moments of the victory and the memorable celebration can be viewed in our video down below. 



Restart with Victory

We won the first match after the break, Sigér scored twice.

Thank you for your patience

FTC’s communique to the club’s season ticket holders and those who had a ticket for the remaining matches.

Two-goal win over ZTE at the Groupama Arena

In our second training match today, we won by two over ZTE.

Let’s fill the stadium! Be there "somehow"!

We are creating an opportunity for thousands of our fans to "somehow" be present at our games.

First training match: FTC-MTK 4-1

After almost two months of pause, our team won 4-1 over MTK in the first training match.

Dénes Dibusz stays

Our national team member goalie, Dénes Dibusz stays at Ferencváros.

Remember him? Interview with Aleksandar Jovic

He never complained about being a substitute, and almost gave a heart attack to Garami. Interview with Jovic!

Remember him? Interview with Paul Shaw

Exclusive interview with Paul Shaw about the English years, Fradi, Wenger, Lipcsei and fan pressure.

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Fradi now
Fradi now