April 17. 2021.
The first 0-0 of the season
We could not break Kisvárda’s defense and collected only one point.

Today Ferencváros played away in Kisvárda and there had been some changes in the lineup compared to the previous match. The most noticeable change was the goalkeeper position: instead of Dibusz, this time Adam Bogdan defended our goal, and he did very well.
Tiday’s match was not lacking events, yet it could be considered as a slower game with not so spectacular play from either side: both teams created attacks and had shots on target but no goal was reached. Even the substitutes could not help this time and we closed the first 0-0 match of the season.
We are close but not yet champions: we have a 14-point advantage and the second Puskás Academy five matches left. If Felcsút wins against MTK on Sunday, Ferencváros can become champion on Tuesday, against Újpest. If Puskás does not win tomorrow, we are already champions.

NB I, Round 29
Kisvárda-FTC 0-0
Kisvárda: Dombó – Hej, Kravhenko, Cirkovic, Leoni – Melnyik, Karabelov – Himics (Jelena, 43.), Bumba, Zlicic (Viana, 66.) – Camaj (Sassá, 66.)
FTC: Bogdán – Wingo, Blazic, Dvali, Heister (Civic, 74.) – Somália (Vécsei, 88.), Laidouni – Zubkov (Isael, 74.), Sigér (Tokmac, 46.), Uzuni (Mak, 74.) - Boli
Yellow: Himics (36.), Cirkovic (54.), Karabelov (90.)


Lovrencsics, Isael, Heister and Skvarka are leaving FTC

These four players will leave Ferencváros after the 2020/21 season.

Win and point record!

Turning from 1-0, Ferencváros defeated Honvéd and closed the season with a record 78 points.

Sigér Dávid has renewed his contract with FTC

The fan favourite midfielder will continue to work for the success of Ferencváros.

Tokmac-double against Mezőkövesd

On the season’s last home game, Ferencváros won 2-0 over Mezőkövesd.

Another win in Fehérvár

By Zubkov’s double, FTC defeated MOL Fehérvár 2-1 and increased its advantage to 17 points.


By the triumph over Újpest Ferencváros became champion for the third year in a row.

Not yet champions

FTC finished 1-1 against Puskás Academy.

Closer to the 32nd

By the goals of Uzuni, Boli, Sigér and Kharaishvili FTC defeated Budafok in NB I.

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