May 1. 2021.
Tokmac-double against Mezőkövesd
On the season’s last home game, Ferencváros won 2-0 over Mezőkövesd.

Saturday night the penultimate match was organized for Ferencváros in the Hungarian first football league. After a long-long time, our team played with spectators on the stands again. Their support gave a boost for the team that created several chances in the first fifteen minutes. We were closes to scoring in the 10th minute when Boli, Tokmac and Isael built an attach but Isael’s shot went wide. Ten minutes later nothing could stop our strikers anymore. The Norwegian Tokmac collected a ball inside the penalty area and shot into the net. This has been his 10th goal in the season. Civic could have extended our lead in the 40th minute but he wanted his mates to score and centered into the middle where the Mezőkövesd defenders blocked.

After half time, the away team, coached by former Fradi icon, Attila Pintér, played more aggressively and even equalized with a powerful shot from 18. Head coach Rebrov refreshed the team with several substitutes after this goal. In the last minutes we played once again more focused which resulted in the winning goal: Laidouni ran past his defenders, lobbed to Tokmac who scored again.

Our 32-time champion football team won the last home match of the season.

NB I, Round 32

FTC - Mezőkövesd 2-1 (1-0)

FTC: Bogdán – Lovrencsics, Blazic (Dvali, 78.), Mmaee, Civic – Sigér, Somália (Laidouni, 46.) - Zubkov (Gera D., 29.), Isael, Tokmac - Boli

Mezőkövesd: Szappanos – Farkas, Szeles, Katanec, Vajda – Besirovic, Karnitski, Cseri (Rui Pedro, 54.) – Vutov (Chrien, 46.), Vojtus (Martic, 46.), Nagy

Yellow card: Lovrencsics (31.), illetve Karnitski (32.), Vojtus (35.), Katanec (70.), Szappanos (84.), Martic (86.)

Goals: Tokmac (24., 89.), resp. Besirovic (64.)



Win and point record!

Turning from 1-0, Ferencváros defeated Honvéd and closed the season with a record 78 points.

Sigér Dávid has renewed his contract with FTC

The fan favourite midfielder will continue to work for the success of Ferencváros.

Another win in Fehérvár

By Zubkov’s double, FTC defeated MOL Fehérvár 2-1 and increased its advantage to 17 points.


By the triumph over Újpest Ferencváros became champion for the third year in a row.

The first 0-0 of the season

We could not break Kisvárda’s defense and collected only one point.

Not yet champions

FTC finished 1-1 against Puskás Academy.

Closer to the 32nd

By the goals of Uzuni, Boli, Sigér and Kharaishvili FTC defeated Budafok in NB I.

FTC – Paks: 5-2

A goal-rich victory over Paks to finish the weekend with.

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