January 6. 2021.
Tokmac Nguen: "The future holds lots of promises!"
We talked with our Norwegian striker after the second training in Marbella.

Tokmac Nguen, striker of our Hungarian champion men's football team, scored 11 goals and gave four assists in the autumn matches. He is having a good time at Fradi's temporary base in Spain, where he thinks all the conditions are given to prepare well for the NB I to continue. We also asked the footballer, who became a father not that long ago what he thinks of the future.

- Today was our second day in Marbella, do you like it so far?

- Tokmac Nguen: Yes I do. I was glad to learn that we are coming here, the weather in Spain is more favorable than in Hungary, all the conditions are right for good preparation. The pitch is of impeccable quality, we have no reason to complain, we have everything we need to be in the best possible shape by the time we get back to Budapest and the spring stage of the championship begins.

- This is your first training camp as a father, and for the first time, you will spend more time away from your child. How are you sleeping now, are your nights alone calmer?

- There is not much difference, because, before the matches, the team always stays in a hotel anyway, so I am alone those times. It’s important to relax before matches, and that’s true for the training camp as well.

- Do you have a roommate in the training camp?

- No, due to the current situation, everyone has their own rooms.

- As a football player, you may already be used to training camps. Do you like the preparation period?

- Yes, I like it. Away from our usual environment, we can only focus on ourselves and the preparation. The whole team is together, we just have to deal with football. I always enjoy the preparation!

- How do you see the future?

- The future holds great promises as we can see that the club will do its best to improve. The goal is the same, we want to win the championship again in the spring and prepare to show ourselves again in the Champions League.


Well-known signing

Ferencváros signed the 25-year old, MLS and Norwegian champion Henry Wingo from Molde.

Victory on the second friendly game in Marbella

With Laidouni's goal, we defeated the Estonian national team.

Video summary from Marbella: FTC – Alhaurín

Ferencváros played its first training match against Alhaurín in the Marbella training camp.

Thank you for everything!

Roland Varga leaves FTC after six years, 3 championship titles, 3 MK successes, 1 EL, and 1 CL group rounds.

Two new players join our team

Two former junior national players, Gera Dániel and Katona Máté are both joining FTC.

We now know the date of the Derby!

The date and time of six of our games have been announced.

We've arrived to Marbella

Our football team has traveled to Spain for its first training camp of 2021.

Christmas break with a win

We won 2-1 over Budafok in the last match of 2020.

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