November 17. 2020.
Tokmac’s message: We are a family at Fradi!
FTC has made its 9th campaign film, in which the club raises awareness on the fight against exclusion.

In 2012, Ferencvárosi Torna Club was the first among the Hungarian clubs to initiate a campaign against exclusion, and since then we have been raising awareness about the importance of this issue with short films. The slogan of the 2020 campaign video is: We are one family at Fradi!

FTC joins the initiative of IHRA!

Ferencvárosi Torna Club – among other European teams like Chelsea or Dortmund – has joind the initative of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), by which we aim to strengthen the resolve of the Jewish community and support the common international work. Our club states the adoption the definition of antisemitism by IHRA, which states that antisemitism and all forms of racism and xenophobia constitute an attack on democracy and is contrary to our values of human rights, equality, freedom, respect of human dignity, regardless of identity, origin or belief. 

In the 30 second campaign video following one of the prominent players of the men’s football team, Tokmac Nguen, we meet several other athletes and supporters of the club in different locations and environments emphasizing that at Ferencváros everyone stands together, no matter where one comes, what one went through, or where one belongs.

Our Norwegian striker recalls his first goal, his joy, his sorrow, and during the shoot he also visited a walking football training to meet with the older generation. The aim of the walking football program is to make the supporters of the club who are older than 65 physically active, to change their lifestyle, and help the participants form a tight community. Walking football, which is quite popular in Western Europe, is a unique form of football where it is forbidden to run, this way this amazing sport becomes playable again for the elderly. In order for the younger generation to be represented as well, Tokmac also watched a Community Champions League event. The Community Champions League is a unique championship which focuses not only on winning and the matches, but on the personal development of children participating in it, and teaching them the importance of doing good for their community. In order to win the championship performing well on the pitch is not enough, children must also support their local communities with which they can earn extra points. Both of our programs were co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sport Program of the European Union.

Our player has trained together with our para powerlifter and Paralympic athlete Sándor Sas who holds several Hungarian championship titles, and our player has also juggled the ball with our women’s football team’s Canadian-born Jamaican striker Tiffany Cameron. Tokmac acquainted himself with the head of our boxing section Mihály Kótai, who is also the ambassador of the Community Champions League. Tokmac, who came from Norway, also visited a training of his favourite sports, he was at the training of our Hungarian champion ice hockey team who have one the Hungarian Cup and who are also the defending champions of the Erste Liga.

This year's video:

The history of Fradi’s campaings against exclusion

We have made our first short film in 2012, with the initiation of our campaign to raise awareness about the fight against exclusion. FTC was awarded with the Fair Play award by the Hungarian Olympic Committee for the campaign, which Gábor Kubatov, the club’s president received with our Brazilian player, Somália.

Ferencvárosi Torna Club believed it is important to come up with a new activity from time to time to encourage the proper behaviour among its supporters. In our second campaign film members of our football team raised awareness on the fact that exclusionary behavior is intolerable even in the stands. Later Pál Orosz, the CEO of FTC Labdarúgó Zrt. held a presentation on our campaign in the Ferenc Puskás Stadium.

In 2014 besides the players and the head coach of our football team at the time, two Fradi icons, Péter Lipcsei and Attila Dragóner have also addressed the supporters. We have emphasized again that in life everyone is equal, and “only Fradi matters!”

In our next short film besides the importance of the fight against exclusion, our football players have also raised awareness on the fact that assisting those in need is also a part of being responsible.

In the 2015 video, backed by a significant graphic design, seven players of our football team cleansed our environment from symbols of exclusion using a football. Starring Somália and Zoltán Gera we have ephasized that “only our heart is green and white!”

In the 2017 campaign a record number of Fradi supporters have participated. The video was made to Lotfi Begi’s song: Mi vagyunk a Ferencváros. Our players and coaches told that at Fradi we are one, and it is not a topic in the changing room where one comes from.

In 2018 we didn’t only make a campaign video, but we’ve made a movement. During the match against Kisvárda in the family sector children held messages and a spectacular banner in the stands. In the signs they pointed out the importance of fair play, passion, respect, honour and team play. During the creation of the spectacular banner, which portrayed the Fradi Eagle and the badge, the athletes of Ferencváros made a heart from their handprints, and raising their hands covered in green paint they indicated: at Fradi, we are one!

In our 2019 campaign video six of our footballers, Miha Blazic, Franck Boli, Dénes Dibusz, Gergő Lovrencsics, Isael Barbosa and Tokmac Nguen told our slogan in their mother tongue: For us only one color matters, that is green!

Ferencváros and social responsibility

In the life of Ferencvárosi Torna Club social responsibility plays a key role. Supporting and joining valuable and sustainable projects in the spirit of environmental awareness is one of our main aims. Our club believes in value creation. The most popular sports club of Hungary is proud to initiate steps that aim to support causes that are important for society, like community building, promoting a healthy lifestyle, fair play, sports free of violence. The club is also keen on helping disadvantaged people and groups and boosting equal opportunities.

Since 2015 Ferencváros has reached about 60 thousand students of more than 200 schools thanks to the Fradi School Program, in which children get to know the rich and honourable history of Ferencváros, and participate in interactive and fun games. The Fradi School Program has been acknowledged by the Hungarian Olympic Committee: In 2017 they awarded FTC with the Fair Play Award for its imitative in the category of Promoting Fair Play. Besides this, Ferencvárosi Torna Club has initiated the Community Champions League, a football championship among schools and amateur clubs in Ferencváros. Another initiative is the Fradi gym class, in which our club’s athletes and professionals hold intensive, experience-oriented, and entertaining classes for children aged 6-18 regarding football and handball.

The aim of the Fradi Fair Play Committee, which is also stated in its charter, is to raise awareness to fair play and the values and traditions of “Fradism”, with special attention to promoting moral rules, respect and non-violent and doping-free sport.

As a ground-braking initiative in Hungary, Ferencvárosi Torna Club has launched the Telekom Active Supporters Program. Our supporters can participate in a lifestyle changing program, in a natural, green and white environment.

In 2020 Ferencvárosi Torna Club has formed its first walking football team. The most important rule of walking football is that it is forbidden to run, this way this amazing sport becomes playable again for the elderly. Walking football is not only good for encouraging an active lifestyle for the elderly, but through it people who are living more isolated, or have fewer friends or family members can be part of a community and a group again.


FTC – MTK 2-0

Confident victory over MTK before the CL match against Barcelona.

Defeat with last minute goal

Ferencváros was close to a draw against Juventus but left the pitch without points

Unsaveable shot and three points

Marcel Heister launched an unsaveable rocket and Fradi collected the three points tonight.

Hungary has made it into the European Championship!

Hungary defeated Iceland and qualified for the European Championship.

Hat trick from Baturina, easy win in the Cup

Ferencváros won 5-0 against Bicskei TC in the MOL Hungarian Cup today.

Decided the win already in the first half

Ferencváros claimed a 3-0 win over Mezőkövesd in Round 10 of NB I.

Huge fight on the pitch but defeat from Juventus

Ferencváros suffered a 4-1 defeat from Juventus in the Champions League group stage.

Somalia scored again, draw on the derby

Ferencváros played out a 1-1 draw away against MOL Fehérvár FC.

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